ORGAN THING: Ahead of their new album, the rather delicious Bess of Bedlam release a new video and a song called Greenham Women…

Ahead of their new album, the rather delicious Bess of Bedlam, as featured on last weekend’s Other Rock Show, have a new video. From the French band’s upcoming album Dance Until the Crimes End out on May 20th, 2022 on Dur et Doux & Another Record. More on these pages in the next few days, everything about the whole album is a brilliant delight. You can find out more right now via Bandcamp

Bess of Bedlam are a Frenh duo from that hot bed of exciting music thatr is Lyon, Fanny L’Héritier & Guillaume Médioni, also members of the equally delicious Odessey and Oracle. They talk of “a capricious, fanciful and sophisticated pop, sometimes coloured with psychedelic folk. A songwriting influenced by Anglo-Saxon music (Kate Bush, Robert Wyatt, Virginia Astley, Joni Mitchell), including lyrics which express a taste for English poetry”

Catch another taste on last night’s Other Rock Show


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