ORGAN: That best albums of 2020 list (at last), Cheer Accident, Michael J Sheehy, Le Grand Sbam, Odessey & Oracle, Penny Rimbaud, Terms, Allegra Krieger, Tairrie B, Deerhoof and…

Le Grand Sbam

Yeah, I know, we should have done this a few weeks back, hey at least we waited until the year was over. Some music sites posted their lists way before that brilliant album from Le Grand Sbam came out! We at least waited until the year was over. And so these are the albums covered on these pages that really stood out during a rather fractured 2020, these were the best of what came this way. There were more albums of course, we don’t claim to have listened to absolutely everything and we’ve got nowhere near covering everything but you were asking us what had happened to the traditional end of the year list, especially when the review of what might already be the album of 2021 was posted last week. These then, before it really is too late, are the albums of 2020…

Cheer Accident – Chicago XX

1: Cheer Accident – Chicago XX – ORGAN THING: The outrageously rewarding new Cheer Accident album, the Chicago band’s twentieth, surely they have no right to still be this good – The new Cheer Accident album, the Chicago band’s twentieth, is here, this is very exciting, and yes, of course we expect to be challenged, of course we expect the unexpected, of… read on.

There was a second Cheer Accident album in 2020 of course, that second one was a collection of rare treats and older pieces though.

Michael J Sheehy

2: Michael J Sheehy – Distance Is The Soul Of Beauty – Distance Is The Soul Of Beauty, the new Michael J Sheehy album really is, it has to be said, it really is quietly something… – You really can’t be mad at the world and raging against the machines and the bills and the government amd all other stuff that needs to be raged at, you can’t even stay that mad at the artists and musicians that… read on

Le Grand Sbam – Furvent

3: Le Grand Sbam – Furvent – This time we were kind of expecting it, this time we were expecting something special, Le Grand Sbam’s new album Furvent hasn’t let us down… – Last time around it was a bolt out of the blue, a band we’d never heard before, a healthy shock to the system and yes that last album was… read on

Odessey & Oracle – Crocorama

4: Odessey & Oracle – Crocorama – Dur et Doux do it again, this Odessey & Oracle album is pretty much perfect and yes, “interlacing melodies and impressive psychedelic climates from a varied, blinker-free instrumentarium” – The sun is out and this album, to these most English of ears, sounds deliciously delightfully French in all the best of ways, French with just an undercurrent of (proper) Genesis style sunny 70’s prog. I suspect to French ears it sounds rather different? Read on

Penny Rimbaud – Arthur Rimbaud In Verdun

5: Penny Rimbaud – Arthur Rimbaud In Verdun – Penny Rimbaud of Crass Releases Unique New Solo Album, hear it and read about it and dance around the architecture of it here… – The short review: Is the album worth investing time in? ‘coarse it is, ‘course it is, Penny Rimbaud, the legendary punk poet, writer, painter, multi-instrumentalist and co-founder of seminal anarchist outfit Crass, has released his new album ‘Arthur Rimbaud In Verdun, go search… read on


6: Terms – Asbestos Mouth – That debut Terms album then, people from Grand Ulena, from Yowie, like Jackson Pollock feeding spiders down your ears… –  I can’t say the two of them are actually like a gang of insects running over your face, maybe a couple of very organised yet slightly crazed off-hinge Spiders? Spiders with extra legs, not that their sound is ever cluttered, not that there are too many legs, Asbestos… read on

Allegra Krieger

7: Allegra Krieger – The Joys of Forgetting – The Joys of Forgetting, a first listen to the impressively beautiful new Allegra Krieger album – It started off with the intention of a small piece, maybe one of those five pieces of music things we like to do, a small mention of about how Allegra Krieger had shared a new single from her forthcoming album and how actually there were two or three tastes of The Joys of Forgetting to… read on

Tairrie B – Feminenergy

8: Tairrie B – Feminenergy – Tairrie B’s Feminenergy, a timely album, a lot more than just an angry album, probably her best album yet. Now please just vote him out… – Well you kind of knew Tairrie B wouldn’t be taking things quietly in the run up to what surely must be the most important US election ever, you kind of knew she wasn’t just going going to sit at home and just quietly go out to vote…  “Ladies… Read on

Oh and there was a rather tasty album of covers earlier in the year as well

Deerhoof – Love Lore

9: Deerhoof – Love Lore – We can’t let it pass without a mention, Deerhoof messing with Voivod via Ornette Coleman, Stockhausen and the Muppets… – Well come on, we can’t let it pass without at least a brief mention, Deerhoof messing with Voivod via Ornette Coleman, Stockhausen and the Muppets, is it possible to like Deethoof today even more than we did yesterday, here it is, via their Bandcamp, there for free… read on


10: Chromb! – Le livre des merveilles – Chromb release a taste of their next magnificent epic… Le livre des merveilles is something new on the way from the rather mighty beast called CHROMB!. Coming up at the end of March, this track is a first taste from yet another excellent French prog rock band, I mean come, how good is this!!  More when we hopefully get our paws on the whole thing, whooo, listen to that bit there, just under four minutes in, supper is more than ready, outrageously good! Read on

Tim Smith

Of course the whole musical year of 2020 was overshadowed by the devistating loss of Cardiacs leader Tim Smith amd we really can’t have a round-up of the music and the albums of year without mentioning the glow of Tim and everything he has left us with. Dare we say the actual album of the year wasn’t an actual album but the piece Marina put together as her hour-long celebration that went out of Resonance FM back in September, a piece that you ca nlisten to via this link – ORGAN: The Other Rock Show’s celebration of the work of Cardiacs leader Tim Smith, hear it in full here… – The Other Rock show is back this weekend on London’s rather unique arts radio station Resonance 104.4fm. Back after a summer break, back in the usual spot of 9pm on a Sunday night, Marina Organ presents an hour of music that uses unconventional structures and ‘other’ time signatures – gathered from the worldwide undergrounds of… read on

And really, the release of the year wasn’t an album, it was a fragile, beautiful, previously unreleased Cardiacs song, “a present by way of gracious thanks” has been officially posted as a download… Songs are powerful things. You have to be careful with them. Very powerful songs come with powerful magic attached, whether you like it or not. Take this one song, known for years as ‘Dream Dress’ but unveiled at last, at long, long last, as a spell called ‘Vermin Mangle’. It’s a simple song, just a… read on

And while we’re here we really should mention these albums from 2020

Speedy Wunderground ‘Savage Gary – Quarantine Sampler 2’Speedy Wunderground announces ‘Savage Gary – Quarantine Sampler 2’, hear the rather excellent set of treats here… – Now just about everything about this compilation is right, everything about it is now, everything about it is refreshing, forward-looking – Speedy Wunderground announces ‘Savage Gary – Quarantine Sampler 2’ – the album has just this week come out in digital form, it comes out on vinyl in November – okay so when you get… read on

Household Gods – Palace Intrigue – Now this is rather beautiful, Household Gods are a band featuring David Pajo (Slint, Papa M), Vern Rumsey (Unwound), Lauren K. Newman and Conan Neutron and this is a rather special first taste… – Organ Thing of the Day: Now this is a rather beautiful thing, a rather beautiful piece of music, and yes music is indeed a gift to share. Household Gods is a band. David Pajo (Slint, Papa M), Vern Rumsey (Unwound), Lauren K. Newman (LKN Band, Palo Verde) and Conan Neutron (Conan Neutron & the Secret… read on

Toby Driver and Nick Hudson – Black Feather Under Your Tongue – That rather beautiful album KayoDot’s Toby Driver made with Mick HUDSON kind of got lost in the first wave of the pandemic, KayoDot’s Toby Driver is on the way over here – Toby Driver, he of Kayo Dot and such has just said “I have some solo shows abroad coming up soon”. The man who we last mentioned at the end of last year when he released and a tasty piece of epicness, has… read on

Public Enemy and although it didn’t feel like it needed that much coverage from us, Public Enemy’s What You Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down? really did hit quite a few of the right nails right on the head in just the right way – Some more of that new Public Enemy stuff, this time freshly animated and featuring Cypress Hill, George Clinton and… – What ya gonna do? What y’all gonna do?Uncle Jam’s Army’s in, Public Enemy, Cypress HillLet’s do this Aww shit, no more grid… read on and “Back in Full effect!” Public Enemy return with explosive new anti-Trump song… – Organ Thing of the Day: And what a beautiful Friday thing it is, Public Enemy return in style with a slice of telling Trump where to go, they’e not holding back are they! “All we know is Trump has gotta go…. We shot this video in secret in the dead of the night. PEace Chuck…

Anrimeal – Could Divine – Something rather beautiful, a first rather delightful taste of a debut album from anrimealOrgan Thing of The Day? Which day/ It has been days, well after the vermin and the tales of the rats and well, come up screaming or maybe just quietly come back up with something rather beatutiful, something very special,. A first rather delightful taste of an debut album from anrimeal (no capital letter so… read on

Horse Lords – The Common Task – Horse Lords? Fanfare for Effective Freedom? Thing of Day? The Common Task? The edges of experimental rock music? Critical social thought? – No one ever asks me anything, not ever the time, Fanfare for Effective Freedom? Thing of Day? The new Horse Lords album landed here last week, you might have heard a track to two on the Other Rock Show already, we’ll write a “proper” review in a day or so, well maybe we will, the… read on

The Cult of Dom Keller – Ascend! – The Cult of Dom Keller and their latest wall of glorious noise that almost past us by – Thing of The Day? Thing is, well, never mind what the thing is or the juggling of circles or squares, nothing is ever square, this one, this rather tasty, rather encompassing new album from the rather gloriously psyched-out Cult of Dom Keller, even though we have championed the band a number of times before on… read on

Tijuana Hercules – Evening Dressings – Tijuana Hercules have a new album out today, this is John Forbes’, the singer and guitarist of Mount Shasta, new band… – Organ Thing of The Day? Where were we? Burning toast and raging against the Arts Council machine, but that’s a Cultivate thing that’s far from the turmoil and where’s my pointy red musical hat, and ” Would the Organ be interested in sharing something about Tijuana Hercules’ new Mini-LP on Friday? This is a little… read on

J Fisher – The Jeremy Fisher – We covered that J Fisher album in one of our five musical things features back in September, it really should have had a proper review, f oreaf about and explore it via this link though – ORGAN: Five musical things – Anthony Pirog’s Pocket Poem, Deathbomb’s J Fisher, Mexico’s Mint Field, Matana Roberts & Pat Thomas and better late than never, some Cassandra Miller…


Idles – there was the third album from Idles but Ultra Mono really didn’t need much from us, we have been covering Idles since their very early days, we didn’t feel the need to cover am excellent new album that was rightly being covered everywhere, although – ORGAN THING: We can’t ignore Idles, this time a new single and an animated video directed by film maker Michel Gondry is demanding our time… – Organ Thing of the Day: I know, I know, get off your high horse, I know we said last time around that Idles really don’t need any more coverage from us, they’re way too big to be needing coverage on these fractured pages now and good on ’em, we like Idles. But but but, just… read on

Michael – There was that Michael album way back at the start of a very long year – ORGAN THING: Tell Your Friends? Who are Michael? People from Bad Guys? Opening for those Flying Luttenbachers? Tell your friends indeed… – Organ Thing of The Day: Tell Your Friends? Who are Michael?  Whoever they are, Michael are opening for those Flying Luttenbachers this week, that have an album out at the end of the year,  their Bandcamp page tells us “From the wispy smoke fart of dawn campfire carcass Bad Guys and a splinter of whatcould’vebeen… Read on


And in 2019 it was – ORGAN THING: The best albums of 2019? Le Grand Sbam, Poil, Peter Hammill & Isildurs Bane, Helium Horse Fly, Child Abuse, Throwaway, Flying Luttenbachers, John Ghost and = End of year list time, we thought we’d actually wait until the end of the year. Now we’re not going to claim to have heard every single album this year or anything like that, these are simply the best the best of the hundreds that did come our way in 2019, with links to the… read on

And have Black Country, New Road just hit us with what could be the best album of 2021? – Black Country, New Road’s much-anticipated debut album For the first time has just landed here… Black Country, New Road are a very very now band, but not in that too now for their own good kind of way of so many “now” bands. At times Black Country, New Road are a beautifully shot six part… read on

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