ORGAN THING: Manhole? Touch Me I’m Sick? Tairrie B and My Ruin take on Mudhoney, Van Halen, PJ Harvey, Plasmatics and…


She’s talkin’ some new kicks, ones like you ain’t never seen, well old kicks in this case and yes that is a Van Halen line and that is a tasty version of AC/DC‘s Have a Drink On Me, out old friend Tairrie B and her partner in musical crime Mick Murphy, not content with letting loose that beautifully raw long sine deleted Manhole album for everyone to download for free, have gone and done it again a couple of days later with a… well hang on let’s let ms B tell us –  “Hey Friends & Heavy Music Lovers! From “My War” to “My Way”…My Ruin have always done it OUR way. Mick Murphy and I have finally broken our long silence and just shared an announcement on our My Ruin Official band page in honor of today. Go check it out and download your FREE copy of our rad new covers album “Rock Love & Red Lipstick” for Valentines Day❣”

An album of cover then, some of them hit the nail on the head a little more than others, besides that excellent cover of Have a Drink On Me, there’s a delicious version of Mudhoney‘s Touch Me I’m Sick, Van Halen‘s Mean Streets, there’s a heavy slice of Rollins Band, there’s a version of Tainted Love, a song that maybe has been covered a few too many times now without ever improving on the original, there’s a great version of  Eric B. & Rakim‘s I Ain’t No Joke which kind of take us all back to where we first got to know Tarrie and before she launched her metal edge on us with the confrontation of her band Manhole. We first interviewed Tairrie for Organ somewhere in the mid 90’s, she certainly was confrontational, does Slide You The Horn count as a cover? The cover of PJ Harvey‘s Rid On Me is a left field surprise, it probably doesn’t work as well as the Snot cover…  Hey look, you don’t need a review, all you need is a signpost in the form of a link, if it wasn’t any good we wouldn’t be telling you about it, we’ve always had time for Tairrie B and her bands around here. That cover of War Machine is heavy, not the obvious Kiss song to cover, but then who wants it obvious?  Great Plasmatics cover, Sex Junkie. Hey look, here it is, waiting for you, consider this a public service announcement from your ever caring Organ


My Ruin – Facebook

And while we’re here, here’s that original Manhole album they made avaialble again recently – “This original album (before we were forced to change our band name to #TuraSatana in 1997) is officially *out of print* and hard to find so for those of you who want to update your old school CD or cassette tape versions to include digital or have never heard it, here’s your chance!”     


Back in 1996, Organ looked like this, dats in pubs with Tarrie B introducing here then new band Manhole, days with Sex Pistols or two interviews with Mr Bungle or hanging out at Killing Joke’s house, actually we went straight from that nowrather legendary Pistols press confrencestraight to Killing Joke’s house… it was all about the cut ‘n paste and the collage in those days, a proper ‘zine as it were….


Organ issue 45, 1996


Organ 45, 1996


Organ  45, 1996


Organ 43, 1996



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