ORGAN THING: How Do You Like Your Trumpets? If we have this right, there’s new Cheer-Accident, more fringements, more od that thing only they do…

How Do You Like Your Trumpets? If we have this right, as we avoid street artists piling on the cheese to cash in on that bloke getting his new hat at vast expense and distraction to us all this weekend (have some dignity for flip sake, put down that stencil and….), there’s new Cheer-Accident to be had, well not new new, as in out out, but just out, in yer slippers out. New stuff as in a compilation of things found in a cupboard, that’s right, the finest of all proper prog bands properly doing today, Chicago’s Cheer-Accident have gathered together and other collection of “odd fragments of Cheer-Accident ephemera” well they are into their fourth decade now, they must have lots just lying around, you know how they just like to do those left field off-the-cuff things, a track simply called Rock Thing promises much when you know it to be the, doing the rock thing! Here’s what they or their people have to say…

“Well, the bad news is… this isn’t the first of its kind; also the bad news: it won’t be the last. That’s right: you have stumbled upon the SECOND in a series featuring nothing but odd fragments of historical CHEER-ACCIDENT ephemera, which will apparently continue well into perpetuity. This particular instalment has the distinction of ending with the best song ever recorded, which – on its face – would seem like it would be a positive thing, but alas: as it turns out, “the best song ever” isn’t necessarily a song you would actually want to listen to.

Once a band reaches that four-decade mark in their existence, particularly a band such as CHEER-ACCIDENT, who have travailed so much aesthetic ground during this time, you just know that they have a veritable treasure trove of flotsam and jetsam (in varying degrees of “fi”) lying around, just waiting to be turned into a whimsical encyclopedic series of semi-random aural events.

This Is That.

“Fringements Two” is the second chapter, wherein CHEER-ACCIDENT avails to the public documentation of intimate practice space encounters, obscure demos, and even some “slicker” recordings that just never found a home on any of their other releases”.

You need to do the Bandcamp thing, there’s only one track there right now…


of course we should point out that if you haven’t caught up with the Accident (as no one ever calls them) then you should maybe start with a “proper” album or two first, here’s some previous ravings and droolings and if you don’t think that opening track on Chicago XX is perfect then you need your ears fixing…

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