ORGAN THING: Les banquiers du coeur, Brice et sa pute est un duo cabaret punk, part of the always rewarding Duretdoux family, here’s a new video…

I guess after checking if everything was Alright yesterday, we need to get back on the bike or the horse or whatever it is we’d like to be riding today, an Organ Thing of The Day is needed this Wednesday and so far aujourd’hui we have encountered nothing more worthy of a feature than this piece of beauty, Brice et sa Pute are part of the almost always rewarding Duretdoux family who brough you at least two of our top ten albums of 2020.

Brice and his whore – The bankers of the heart so it seems, see we can use a translation website as well as the next person can. The Brice and his pute Bandcamp page is here and here’s a video they ley loose a day or so ago. Actually, I don’t really know where that almost bit came to be just then, Duretdoux is alway brilliant, everything ever from that labels so far has been beautifully vital.

From Lyon (or course they are), Brice et sa pute est un duo cabaret punk. Elle chante. Il joue de la basse en tapant des pieds sur une palette. C’est brut, trash et décalé….



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