ORGAN THING: Something rather beautiful, a first rather delightful taste of a debut album from anrimeal…

Organ Thing of The Day? Which day/ It has been days, well after the vermin and the tales of the rats and well, come up screaming or maybe just quietly come back up with something rather beatutiful, something very special,. A first rather delightful taste of an debut album from anrimeal (no capital letter so it seems).

anrimealthe recording project of AnRita de Melo Alves, has announced the full physical and digital release of her debut album Could Divine’, out 20th November 2020. More details via her Bandcamp page


Actually we’re told the album isn’t out until November, I guess that’s in some kind of physical hold in your hands and read the sleeve as you wait for the needle to drop form, you can hear and indeed buy the whole thing in digital form right here right now


A ‘computer folk’ record exploring the use of texture, limitation and repetition, ‘Could Divine’ takes its cue from post-minimalism, particularly Eva Hesse and other women artists who pioneered the movement. Informed by Ana’s full control of the record-making process and the bedroom environment where it was created, the album is a deeply personal window into a protean creative mind – at times devastating, playful, mystical and earthbound, often in the space of a single track” so we’re told,

Originally from Porto, Ana moved to her current home of London in 2016, where she founded the ambitious DIY label Demo Records. While using this imprint to amplify other leftfield bedroom talents around the world. Ana developed the anrimeal project in semi-secret, keeping her finished debut album on the proverbial shelf.

The enforced isolation of 2020’s lockdown turned out to be the clincher for Could Divine’During her first solo gig as part of the Quarantunes livestream series, Ana quietly snuck the digital album onto Bandcamp on a pay-what-you-want basis. Inspired by the traction gained from this first outing, Ana’s own Demo Records are now teaming up with south-east London’s Crossness Records to give this beautiful record the full service it so rightly deserves.
First to be shared from the album is opening track ‘Marching Parades’ – fittingly, also the first song written for the project. Inspired by a vivid dream recorded to voice memo, ‘Marching Parades’ introduces the two entities at one and at odds throughout the course of the album –  the narrator-protagonist and the revered ‘you’.
Could Divine’ will be released on limited edition yellow vinyl, as well as all download and streaming services on 20th November 2020″. Although it all seems ot be right there on Bandcamp already, don’t be asking me, i’m just passing it on and it is rather beautiful, it is rather delicate, radient, delightfully so, delicately strong, a rather special album on first listen. Dare I say some of it feels a little lke that Rhatigan album did back there – a little more delivate, Ms Rhatigan was never delicate, she didn’t pant grass blue, no one has really painted grass like Ana Alves. has here, every one of these songs or pieces or whatever you want to call them, are brilliant – brilliant in a quiet restrained considered and perfectly detailed way. The details are delightful, her voice is just right, the textures glow, oh look, you don’t need words, you jsut need to find a quiet moment  when there are no distractions to peacefully quietly unwrap the delights and the details and the experimentsand the warmth of it all. Something rather special, to good for words… (sw



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