ORGAN: The Other Rock Show’s celebration of the work of Cardiacs leader Tim Smith, hear it in full here…

The Other Rock show is back this weekend on London’s rather unique arts radio station Resonance 104.4fm. Back after a summer break, back in the usual spot of 9pm on a Sunday night, Marina Organ presents an hour of music that uses unconventional structures and ‘other’ time signatures – gathered from the worldwide undergrounds of math rock, avant prog, weird electronica and strange pop. This week: In Memory of Tim Smith. A memorial and celebration of the work of The Other Rock Show’s most influential and important creative, Tim Smith of Cardiacs. Tim died peacefully in July 2020 after a twelve-year battle with illness and disability that robbed him of movement and voice. Before his death, his legacy began to finally gain the recognition it deserved, including the granting of an honorary music degree from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. This show gathers together unheard material from 35 years of Cardiacs gigs and some of his greatest songs and compositions.

The Other Rock show is broadcast on Sunday nights at 9pm, Repeated Thursday 8am so you be of a mind), you can catch the broadcast in London via the 104.4fm, you can catch it live via the magic of the internet and Previous Other Rock Show broadcasts are archived for you to listen at your leisure via the Resonance Mixcloud page.

STOP PRESS: The show has now been broadcast, here it is if you missed it…


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2 thoughts on “ORGAN: The Other Rock Show’s celebration of the work of Cardiacs leader Tim Smith, hear it in full here…

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