ORGAN THING: Today, we pause to celebrate the beauty of Tim Smith…


Today, we pause to celebrate Tim Smith on what would have been his 61st birthday. We had some wonderful times making videos, putting out records, putting on many many gigs for Cardiacs, Sea Nymphs, Panixphere and now and again a rare Tim Smith solo gig and at one point somewhere along the line getting to release this particularly beautiful piece of music that much to Tim’s disbelieve and delight became a daytime Radio One single of the week and, after a lot of ducking and diving, a much treasured John Peel session. We have a lot of fine fine memories of fine fine times, goings off and things, and today we smile and say Happy Birthday sir, we miss you, it was a pleasure. That’s all.


ORGAN THING: One year on, a memorial and celebration of the work of The Other Rock Show’s most influential and important creative, Tim Smith of Cardiacs…

ORGAN THING: A fragile, beautiful, previously unreleased Cardiacs song, “a present by way of gracious thanks” has been officially posted as a download…

ORGAN: The Other Rock Show’s celebration of the work of Cardiacs leader Tim Smith, hear it in full here…

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