ORGAN THING: The Cult of Dom Keller and their latest wall of glorious noise that almost past us by…


Thing of The Day? Thing is, well, never mind what the thing is or the juggling of circles or squares, nothing is ever square, this one, this rather tasty, rather encompassing new album from the rather gloriously psyched-out Cult of Dom Keller, even though we have championed the band a number of times before on these fractured pages (as well as in print and indeed on the radio), only came our way via the constantly annoying algorithms of paid-for social media (don’t you just hate how bands or artists you take the time to actually follow on Twitergram only get to you if they’ve paid). We need to get away from allowing social media to dictate we we do and don’t get to see, we need to get back to actually communicating with each other about our art rather then just praying people might be lucky enough to be allowed to see a post. ..

They went full Godspeed a minute or two ago, the Cult that is, not the annoying algorithms of Facebook – “since 2007 these DIY sonic alchemists have been creating whacked out soundscapes and songs that appear to have been born from another universe, all from the confines of their sonic bunker” – not really hearing any actual songs or indeed words or singing or lyrics or voices, well not human ones anyway, mostly this is some kind of immense intense fuzzed-up wall of guitar noise, relentless, sculptural, and once again, once you do dig in and you’ve let them flow for a little more than just the couple of listens you get to indulge in on line, there really is a healthy fingerprint, that vital bit of identity that isn’t immediately obvious. Hey look, it only came our way via a paid for post on Facebook, which indeed is a shame – as they say themselves via the vehicle that is the eighth track on the album, “We’re f*cked (up)”

Hang on, there go some voices, underneath those walls of guitars and fuzz and who knows what, some kind of Beautiful Sickness so they say. Hey look, the album came out a couple of days ago, you don’t need our words, the fact that we’ve made it out Thing of The Day tell you we rather recommend it, the days of needing music reviews, much like the days of communicating and not just relying on the evils of social media, have almost gone now, you have the Bandcamp link there, you can go listen for yourself and if you like it and you have the money you can go buy it, go grab some blood, don’t worry about the donor, I’m off to paint something or juggle more circles or squares or artists or some such sideways thing… (sw)


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