ORGAN: Five musical things – Anthony Pirog’s Pocket Poem, Deathbomb’s J Fisher, Mexico’s Mint Field, Matana Roberts & Pat Thomas and better late than never, some Cassandra Miller…


Five more musical things for what all this wordery is still worth. What’s words worth anyway? We can’t see the wood for the trees and there are so so many press releases here, and would you even notice id the words were recycled? Five more musical things that have flown our way, five things we thing worth your time and effort…Five more musical things in no particular order of prefrence. The artthat is helping to illustrate t this page come from the recent on-line exhbition from Cultivate that was hosted here a few weeks back, explore the whole show here –  Cultivate presents So Why Not Do It Again? An on-line art exhibition

Here we go, five musical things….

1: Anthony Pirog – Now how tantalising is this one track taste of Pocket Poem and an album that comes out in mid October? Give it a minute, let it get going. Some say he’s a “Washington, D.C. area guitar god”, I never bought in to all that guitar god stuff, enough with your damn solo already, get on with it, he’s not really sounding like a guitar god . “Pirog has established himself engaging in genre-blurring activities in the disparate veins of indie rock, rockabilly, avant-folk, creative jazz, free improvisation, electronica, and ambient soundscapes. His work as one-half of the duo Janel & Anthony made him a fixture of the DC experimental scene for the last dozen years”, Hey look, here’s the one thing we’ve heard so far, we’re too damn broke since this Covid thing hit, we can’t afford to be buying music here and there just to play on the radio or write about, all you bands and labels and venues and such asking us to support your survival and your Bandcamp Fridays, we’ve been hit as well, no art shows since March and how good is that one track (and no, we don’t get paid for the radio thing)., here’s the one track we’ve heard, here’s the Bandcamp link, here’s the Organ donate page for you readers who would like this Organ thing to go on, or the shop, shall we put some old issues of Organ up in shop?


Mint Field

2: Mint Field – Have we covered Mint Field before, pretty sure we have? They have a rather delightful new album out, came out last Friday, don’t mistage delight for twee or anything like that though, they have some bite in there with thier sunshine and thier brightness  “Originally from Tijuana now based in Mexico City, two of the most exciting places for emerging music in Mexico. Guided by lead signer Estrella del Sol in vocal and guitar duties, Sebastian Neyra in the bass and Callum Brown in drums. The band explores the nostalgia and the melancholy of the daily life with loud guitars and vocals that give life to a unique and supernatural shoegaze” – yes they do do that loud/quite, jump on a peddle thing that take them and us back to the last century, but they do have something in there as you let the album unwind and discover very forward looking treats like Presente.  Sentimiento Mundial is an album you have to let unwind by itself, you have to let it come to you, let it slowly reveal itself, the sound might be soft, maybe even beguiling, but there are edges to catch you, More via their Bandcamp page


3: J Fisher has a new album on the way called The Jeremy Fisher, there’s a taste just there on the other side of these stolen words, “J Fisher’s passion for meticulous, delicate sounds is equally matched by his giant vision for an entire sonic world. When making his Deathbomb Arc debut as a part of the Deathbomb Showcase: Global, he didn’t just simply do a live performance. J Fisher created an entire episode of his own TV show. Here on his debut album, this vision is finally presented in full for all to enter and explore. This is a true testimony to the power of bedroom hip hop: no limitations except one’s own imagination”.


Someone at the consitantly rewarding label that is Deathbomb said  “We are so insanely excited to finally announce that new album from J Fisher is coming out on Deathbomb Arc this Friday, Oct 2nd! We first heard his music a year ago when we briefly opened up demo submissions. Since then we’re been brainstorming with him on this album and now it will finally see the light!”



4: Matana Roberts & Pat Thomas – Now the truth of the matter is we gets lots of labels and such sending us jazz, most of it sounds okay, most of it does sound exciting enough to share, do like what Matana Roberts is doing here with the keys and the colour and the, I almost want ot t osay interuption but that’s wrong, it does all flow, the dynamic betwee nthe two of them that makes these recordings stand out a little from the crowd

“Hi there. We’re pleased to announce a new title on our in house label OTOROKU – the debut duo from Matana Roberts & Pat Thomas “The Truth“. Pat Thomas is one of the most extraordinary pianists of our time. In a first time duo with saxophonist Matana Roberts, the lyricism of his distinctly dexterous and curious approach to the piano paints pathways for Robert’s poignantly vocal saxophone. Together the two speak; locked grooves and neat switchbacks on the keys form dialogue with long deliberate lines on the alto, punctuated by Roberts’ ecstatic vocalisations.  Releasing on November 6th, the record is up for preorder now, and will arrive housed in a screen printed Kraftboard sleeve, die cut to reveal photographs taken by Dawid Laskowski and Fabio Luguro  All the best, Cafe OTO”  – More here


5: Cassandra Miller – And yes I know this was released eleven years ago but it only just reached our ears and how good is that glorious drone? Well no, can’t jsut call it a drone, way way too throwaway, but how glorious is it “When I called this piece “A Large House” it was a title I thought up in a hurry, for no specific reason, and it just seemed to fit. In retrospect, it fits because this piece more than any other made me feel like an architect. I was writing something that was a large space, open, but perhaps with huge pillars holding it up. The piece is stationary, it doesn’t move, it’s grounded in one place, and maybe it even resonates like something with a lofty ceiling. As for any other connection between this piece and a large house, you are welcome to make it as you like”. Really urgently need ot g oand find out more about Cassandra Miller.



And before we go here’s a Rush song without those annoyingly squeeky vocals, how much better does it sound without Geddy bloody Lee squeeking all over it… YYNot indeed…


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