ORGAN THING: That debut Terms album then, people from Grand Ulena, from Yowie, like Jackson Pollock feeding spiders down your ears…

Terms – Asbestos Mouth (SkinGraft Records) –  I can’t say the two of them are actually like a gang of insects running over your face, maybe a couple of very organised yet slightly crazed off-hinge Spiders? Spiders with extra legs, not that their sound is ever cluttered, not that there are too many legs, Asbestos Mouth sounds precise, busy yes, cluttered no, thrilling? You bet! They are kind of pulling Rock apart of then putting it together in a way that is still very much Rock music but somehow isn’t quite Rock as we know it – Other you might say – and yes, tightly composed, a sense of precision yet it does feel so alive, so free, laced with a spontaneous spirit, a careful need to go and discover where the next note goes. When it is repetitive then that’s positively so, this is an exciting album, a slightly tense thing, a little wired, just the right amount of difficult. Terms, we’re told (and as we’ve previously said) are “a socially-distanced band”, a band who “deal in dissonance”. Arriving by way of St. Petersburg, Florida and St. Louis, Missouri, Terms are Danny Piechocki and Christopher Trull, they’re people who have served time in bands such as Grand Ulena, Jitters and the mighty mighty beast that was (or is?) Yowie – Terms, we are told, “bring a wealth of experience and a hearty dash of the unexpected to the operating table”. This debut album, Asbestos Mouth is pin-point good, for once you’re not waiting for the vocalist to get back from the pub and bring it to life, far too often instrumental things like this can sound like self-indulgent show-off muso wank, not here though, Asbestos Mouth sounds just right, it needs nothing more – it comes with a crunch, it bites with dissonance, skewed riffs, syncopated warmth, a feel, an edgy caress, it kind of feels like Jackson Pollock, I always thought Jackson was a jazz man, but maybe this is closer, that precise placement of the drip, the complete control that lets you think it isn’t? Yeap, this is Jack The Dripper music, this running in and out of you, running over you,  this is painting spiders in your ear, this is gooooooooooood.  (sw)

Asbestos Mouth is out on SkinGraft Records on October 2nd, find all the details you need via the Bandcamp page.

2 thoughts on “ORGAN THING: That debut Terms album then, people from Grand Ulena, from Yowie, like Jackson Pollock feeding spiders down your ears…

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