ORGAN THING: I could spend my whole life just listening to sound, listening to Poptones, to Upright Forms and Standing naked in this back of the woods, Standing on the runway waiting to take off…

Organ Thing of the Day – Well we’ll just park this slice of Monday morning train of throught and some Dazzling Killmen here as today’s Thing. Here’s a glorious bit of Poptones, a bonus remastered track from the reissued 2016 version of the St. Louis, Missouri band’s 1994 album, Face of Collapse, their second of two albums before the various members went on to other fine fine things.

Dazzling Killmen’s Nick Sakes, voice and guitarist has of course recently resurfaced with a new band called Upright Forms. This bonus track from the 90’s was and is of course a cover of one of PiL’s finest moments, PiL being Public Image Limited, the band highly highly influential guitarist Keith Levene was a big big part of. This all ties together today (while we’re busy putting together the latest Cultivate on-line art show that coincidentally happens to feature four paintings from PiL’s Jah Wobble), it all ties together as we were just about to share a new video from Upright Forms when social media reminded us of that version og Poptones. Upright Formes are a new band featuring Kazzling Killmen’s Nick Sakes (the band who have just emerged via that excellent new SkinGraft compilation Sounds To Make You Shudder!). Thinking rather a lot about the legacy of Keith and PiL at the moment, as wall as just how big a part of my life both he (and Nik Turner) have both direcly and indirectly played. Shame we wait to do and say these things until it is all too late isn’t it?     


Here then is that freshly released (two days ago) Upright Forms video…”Official music video for “They Kept On Living”, as heard on the SKiN GRAFT Records album Sounds To Make You Shudder!


Upright Forms are Nick Sakes – vocals & guitar, Noah Paster – Bass, Hammond organ and backing vocals, Shaun Westphal – Drums. We’ll take a closer look when more emerges. I could spend my whole life jsut listening ot sound…

Nick has a long history as a major part of several bands including Colossamite, Dazzling Killmen, Sicbay and Xaddax, all of which have featured regularly during the various lies and formats of Organ. That Sicbay song was and is a bit of an Other Rock Show anthem…


And that should be enough for this morning, well no, it is all never enough is it? Praise picnicking in the British countryside and on with whatever it is we were doing here….

And before we go, didn’t PiL’s John Lydon once say without Brainstorm there would have been no Sex Pistols? The song was written by Nik Turner of course. Michael Moorcock once said Nik Turner was the spirit of Hawkwind, Dave Brock the backbone. See, whole lives listening to sound and dancing around architecture and even if you hadn’t heard of either Keith Levene or Nik Turner until this weekend, both of them did indeed touch on your life in some kind of positive way…


Nik Turner

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