ORGAN THING: William D.Drake, Cardiacs and such, releases a rather poignant Where Do You Go as part of a collaborative EP…

William D Drake

William D. Drake, sometimes we call him Bill, has a new song that’s part of an EP from a collaboration of European artists headed up by Mieko Shimizu, Barbara Morgenstern and Ola Szmidtm the four of them have joined up together to raise money for St Mungo’s homeless charity with their Write To Be EP.

“All the profits of the EPs sales will be donated to St Mungo’s Homeless Charity in London. The EP was inspired by the moment when London based Japanese artist, Mieko Shimizu stumbled upon a tiny house in a doorway on the deserted streets of Soho during lockdown. On its cardboard walls were written various tales; friends who died in the Hillsborough disaster, soldiers returning from war in Afghanistan, the love of a mother lost to cancer, life on London streets.

“A member of legendary cult punk band Cardiacs, has contributed a poignant, piano ballad in the form of Where Do You Go.”

Info on where you go to buy a copy of the EP is at best vague, almost impossible, the record label website is here, no sign of a Bandcamp or anything besides a Spotify bit (and what good is that for a fundraiser?) Hang on, that took some searching out, here’s the Bandcamp for the whole thing, none of the tracks credited, you can work out which one is Mr Drake though, and actually all the tracks are rather good….


Here’s Bill’s bit..


“My next-door neighbour really inspired me, he’s been extending the “shed” in his garden for many years. He spends every spare moment on it, building it from items he’s found in skips. It consists of a series of labyrinths and rooms, which contain a kind of “holy” ambience that one would normally feel in a much larger space. He has terminal cancer, but is unphased by this. “The shed tells me what to do”, he says.”

And here’s Mieko Shimizu’s contribution (and a bit of John Daniels, not that one though)

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