ORGAN: Five music things – Denver’s American Grandma, more from Tape Runs Out, Glasgow’s Dancer, another slice of Monika Roscher Big Band, Me:You’s new single, Bristol hardcore punks Call of The Void and…


Never mind the editorial bit at the top, exact same thing, different week. Another five slices of music things and however you slice it and of course it was the Pixies and here comes the introduction that heralds the latest Five Music Things feature thing. Five? There’s something rather compelling about five. Cross-pollination? Five more? Do we need to do the editorial bit again? Is there another way? A better way? A cure for pulling flying pigeons out of the clouds? Is there a rhyme? Is there a reason? Was there ever a reason? What do reasons make? Five more? Snake foil? Everything must go and same as last time (and the time before that) five, and no, we never do and the proof of the pudding is in that proof reading. When we started this thing, oh never mind, it doesn’t matter why we started this thing and like we asked last time, does anyone bother reading the editorial? Does anyone ever actually look down the rabbit hole or is it all just method acting? We do really try to listen to everything that comes in, we do it so you don’t have to, we are very (very) very very picky about what we actually post on these fractured pages or about what gets played on the radio or indeed what we hang in a gallery. Cut to the chase, never mind the editorial, there’s loads of music further down the page, well five or so pieces of music that have come our way in the last few days and cut cut slash and cut it, who needs an editorial or words or worms in general? What’s Wordsworth? Just facts and links and sounds then. Here you go, play the music, grab your five, eat your greens, go eat some art, go eat some fresh fruit and don’t forget whatever it was we said last time…


1: American Grandma are a rather strangely named band from Denver, Colorado. “Hello” said someone just now via one of the hundreds of e.mails that land here everyday, “Hope you are well. I am really excited to be sending you the first single Stone Cross from newest album by the Denver Slowcore band American Grandma.  Plaintive and patient, Stone Cross is the first single from American Grandma’s Rare Knives of Light. The track is split in two. Songwriter Jensen Keller poses a number of largely hypothetical questions over spiraling guitar echoes. “Does the sun shine bright forever? Will I commemorate you with a painted sign?” After the latter question, the song leaves the ground, shimmering and ascending…..” The single is just there, available via Bandcamp, the album has just landed here, the single is the only thing that has been explored so far, the single just came out today, today is March 1st, we just added it to our evolving March Spotify playlist, a list that we started thinking about properly this morning, we’ll unpack the album, out at the start of April, in the next few days. Really not sure about that band name, I guess there’s a reason, the answer is probably in the press release? Give us time here. more in a day or two or a week or two or….


2: Tape Runs Out – The second single from the upcoming debut album of Tape Runs Out. Music and video by Tape Runs Out. Released via Trapped Animal Records, we already featured the first single at the start of the year , this second one is equally as fine, The rather refined Tape Runs Out release an impressive new song and announce a new album…


3: Dancer – A just released six track mini album up on the Gold Mold Bandcamp page. A new Glasgow band featuring members of Current Affairs (Tough Love), Nightshift (Trouble in Mind), Order of the Toad (Gringo records) and Robert Sotelo (Upset the Rhythm). Dancer have the spirit of that teen-scene zine powered DIY that has consistantly flowed in a rather healthy way out of Glasgow for quite a few years now…


4 and a bit: Monika Roscher Big Band have released another track off the forthcoming album, find details in terms of the track here and explore lots more including soem excellent live footage and lots more about the band and where they’ve come from here – “Avant-Pop-Math-Jazz-Experimental Prog Bigband” is how the Monika Roscher Bigband call it, that’s just about half of it! Here comes the new single… Starlight Nightcrash is on the more straight forward side of of what Monika and her excellent band do, do check out that live footage via that link you jsut passe…


4: Me:YouCrawl on yer belly is the lead single from Me:You’s debut album, Field Tapes in Der Trash, out April 21, 2023 via American Dreams Records, more in April I guess…


5: Call of The Void – “Bristol based hardcore punk band who blend classic punk influence with heavy breakdowns and performance poetry to deliver a modern take on high energy hardcore” is what it said on a social media page that was telling us about they were doing with Wesh skatepunks Pizzatramp over in Brixton that the South London Punk Collective were putting on. Couldn’t be at the gig, would have liked to have been, other things were demand our time today, but that description did make me click on the link, and this is what we found, a rather fine vide ofrom five months ago


and there is no and….

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