ORGAN THING: Trev’s Tapes, what’s this? Cardiacs at Stonehenge back in 82, Hawkwind the year before, Here and Now, loads more, the Trevor Hughes live tape collection is being uploaded…

An Organ Thing of The Day? Well we do try to do it everyday, a quick one today for there are lots of going offs and things t obe done. Seems someone (thank you someone) has been gathering together our old mate Trev’s tape collection, he did so often have a tape recorder in hand. The late Trevor L. Hughes was a big part of the Free Festival and underground zine scene back there, good to see this happening.


Though the inlay says “Cardiac Arrest”, the band had changed their name to Cardiacs by the time they played the Stonehenge Free Festival on 22nd June 1982, they were regulars at Stonehenge in the early 80’s and really this is probably only going to be of interest to Cardiacs obsesives (like us). The Stonehenge Free Festival was a wonderful thing back then, Cardiacs we’re a revelation in ’84, it kind of ingnited it all for some of us around these parts. Explore bag loads of tapes via Trev’s Tapes YouTube page

Here’s we go., here’s the scratchy recording….


There’s loads up there on You Tube, Trev was always there documenting everything, he had one of those little flat tape recorders and a small microphone in hand. Explore it all via the Trev’s Tapes YouTube page


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