ORGAN THING OF THE DAY, NOVEMBER 13th 2012 – An early taste of the new Comanechi and a free download og a new William D. Drake recording…

COMANECHI have just announced the release of their much anticipated (so it says here) second album   ‘You Owe Me Nothing But Love’ is set for release on Valentine’s Day 14th February 2013 via Tigertrap Records.  Way too early to be telling us, or for us to be telling you yet then. Here a slice of press release…

Returning with their long-awaited second album, London noise-rock trio Comanechi are preparing to lay waste to St. Valentine with the ferocious ‘You Owe Me Nothing But Love’. Partially inspired by Keex’s flatmate’s dog (and cover star) Patsy, the new album follows their unrelenting and wildly acclaimed debut Crime Of Love. Expanding to a three-piece with the addition of 18-year-old Charlie who joins former The Big Pink and PRE star Keex (vocals/drums/guitar) and Simon (guitar), ‘YOMNBL’ drips with the primordial ooze of the trio’s beloved noise, metal and punk forebears”. They don’t make as much noise as the glorious PRE but hey, they’re good all the same. Listen to the whole album here via,,,,

STOP PRESS|: no, hang on seems that link was not meant to go out, someone at the label messed up, If you didn’t catch it here over the last couple of days then you’re too late, you’ll have to wait until…. Meanwhile here a taste via a video…

meanwhile h


Here comes some Comanechi eyefood, a track from the forthcoming album,,,,

And all that is of course an excuse for some 2007 PRE

And if all that is far too noisy for a Tuesday, then enjoy this train ride with Timshel..…

TIMSHEL are from Finland

.And finally WILLIAM D DRAKE (sometimes we call him Bill), he of Cardiacs family, has recorded a new musical tune, you can download it for free via that link just there

William D Drake playing keyboards with Cardiacs, back in 1990…

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