THING(S) OF THE DAY 14th November 2012

DANNY AMOS - Shane....

DANNY AMOS – Shane….

On this Fourteenth day of November the clacking of this broken keyboard did not fall silent, and while things were being Cultivated, the Organ in-box was being trawled through, new music was streaming, like? Dislike? Delete?  My dog sighed and on we went, what do you mean, we don’t have a dog, squash that can, everyone has a dog, ask printmaker Danny Amos, Shane was always a good dog, that’s a print he had on the wall of Cultivate gallery last week…  So what have we got today?  Well we just opened an e.mail that claimed we were about to experience the greatest all female band ever, nope, nowhere near, ears were not impressed here, not worth even a tiny  mention on these pages…. Have a slice of those RUNAWAYS live in Japan back in 1977 while we ponder the best female band ever

Mt. WOLF are a new London-based folk/electronic band…

‘Life Size Ghosts’ is the lead single from Mt. Wolf’s critically acclaimed debut EP of the same name.

Mt. Wolf are a new London-based folk/electronic band offering an eclectic and instantly appealing palette of folk, electronica and bass soundscapes. Their alluring sound is aptly termed “dreamfolk”; taking the best elements of sequenced synths, melodic strings, deep bass grooves and soulful vocals and combining them all into a cinematic fusion of heart-melting harmonies and contemporary, endlessly danceable electronica”.

More music from Mt. Wolf

The EP was released digitally and limited edition 12″ Vinyl on the 5th November via Two Sister Records:

MADELEINE STRINDBERG is a London-based painter we rather like, a regular exhibitor at Cultivate. Madeleine shows her bold work in galleries and shows all over the world…



From the CULTIVATE blog

it was a pleasure to have more from DAVID AGENJO, more from EMMA BUGGY and the challenge of her giant pink nipple cake, her vagina shoes and her ‘titwank’.  MADELEINE STRINDBERG’s rabbits were part of the Cultivation show; her rabbits in turn delighted, enraged, confused, compounded, confronted, complimented. Madeleine’s work excites me, her freedom, her expanse, her guts, her uncluttered simplicity, her controlled energy, her unbound own way.  Her art needs far more space and freedom that we can really offer it in our confined space, her art needs far more respect than we can realistically offer it.  Cultivate can be a frustrating space at times, we are well aware of that fact. Madeleine’s rabbits were far too crowded, we’ve said many times that too crowded and too busy is the only real way to use this space we have right now. It won’t always be this way, Cultivate will move on again and again, new walls, new space, new cities? For now we have a messy space in Vyner Street (and all that comes with being right in the middle of Vyner Street)



more of Emma Buggy, Medeleine Strindberg, Danny Amos and more at Cultivate, Vyner Street.

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