ORGAN THING(S) OF THE DAY: SCOTT WALKER’s new album, (street) artist RETNA and…

THING OF THE DAY: NOVEMBER 20th – SCOTT WALKER’s new album, a film trailer…  Plus LA street artist RETNA, VNA magazine, PRIMARIES at Cultivate, Vyner Street and some CHIPS FOR THE POOR…

A new SCOTT WALKER album, now that really is something to get genuinely excited about, one of the few music creators out there who you really expect a challenge from… Here then is a trailer for Bish Bosch, the forthcoming album from Scott Walker. The album is released on 4th December 2012 on 4AD Records..

Directed by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard
Cinematography by Lol Crawley
Edited by Matt Nee

Meanwhile Epizootics! is the first track to be aired in full from Scott Walker’s new album.

Scott Walker - Bish Bosch

Scott Walker – Bish Bosch


Bosch, Hieronymous (c. 1450–1516), Dutch painter

Bish bosh (sl.), job done, sorted

“I was thinking about making the title refer to a mythological, all-encompassing, giant woman artist.” Scott Walker

A Hieronymous Bosch painting can’t be apprehended in a single blink of an eye. The Garden of Earthly Delights is made up of panels in parallel, with scores of tiny actions and allegorical representations teeming in every square inch of canvas. The painting is big enough to encompass heaven and hell.

Perhaps we should listen to Scott’s music in the same way we’d approach a Bosch canvas. You probably won’t understand it after one viewing, but you can become obsessed with one corner detail another until you eventually come to some understanding of how the different parts fit together and complement each other.

“It’s moving on a bit each time we go. Hopefully it’s getting nearer and nearer the kind of thing that’s in our heads. Little things are improving, a bit more focused. The style is improving.” Reads on here on the 4AD Records Scott Walker page

Next…. RETNA

A film with and about LA street artist RETNA made by London street artist (and owl fancier) DSCREET for VNA magazine

VNA or Very nearly Almost is a beautifully produced and always good looking informative (street) art magazine, more a thing of beauty in itself rather than just a very good magazine,,,

Issue 20 just came out, Retna on the front and…. and well, here’s what they say….

“Very Nearly Almost is proud to release its twentieth issue. After six years and hundreds of artists featured, issue 20 is brought to you with an extra 32 pages, bigger and better than ever. This 164-page beast is brimming with features and beautiful images from some of the most talented artists in the world and the cover is graced by a living legend; the one and only Retna….”. read on for more on VNA magazine

VNA issue 20

VNA issue 20

PRIMARIES is a show of red, yellow and blue work coming up this Thursday, at CULTIVATE, VYNER STREET, London, E2, More tomorrow…

And finally, some CHIPS FOR THE POOR? Why not… Organ favourites for a few years now, we were busy painting in the summer when Fistula came out as a single, better late than never… bish bosh, Scott who?

Chips for the Poor Recorded live after dinner in a Chicago basement by Bobby Conn
Fistula is available from Parlour Records   Catch Chips live on Friday 23rd November at The Stag’s Head, Hoxton with Mithras, Victim and Plug DJs.  


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