Where were we? Still up to our neck slinging primary colours at bits of canvas and paintings that demanded new layers, that and bits of wood left in the street  No time for Things of the Day today, today we’ve mugged those Cutthroats over in the land of the Doubledge Scissor and without them even knowing, they’ve gone and selected the Thing for today, good work scissormen   “Banging” I think they said, get cutthroat on that goddamn beard we say. Colorama is the name of the new PSEUDO NIPPON, the album just came out, here’s the first single, that came out late last month, out on Tigertrap Records.  Hit the orange links you just walked past if you want to know more, don’t ask me I was busy painting things yellow down the street that fell in on itself, go ask Doubledge Scissor

Now if we were to have time to toast up a hot buttered Thing of The Day it might involve Chrissy Rossettie and Nick Sakes, for they are the two who current make the glorious noise that is XADDAX. You don’t need us to write about them do you? The days of trying to describe bands using only broken typewriters and low grade photocopiers are long gone, that was back in the days of those Dazzling Killmen and can I interest you in my Organ, only 50p , go on. grab hold of a copy, discover some new music, read some reviews, send for some tapes, postal orders, stamps, waiting three weeks, that kind of thing. No! Who needs words when you can make your own mind up, there’s the link, you go listen, I’ve got red paint to spill before sunrise, no need for long-arse typo-filled they sound a bit like this and a bit like that and all kinds of red with bit of glass grinding in to their broken kneecaps, no, no need for all that, just hit the orange link, go listen and let me get on with painting this thing blue before the show opens. And once you have, go explore the SKIN GRAFT Records site where you’ll fine lots of new Xaddax and old Dazzling Killmen an all kinds of hardboiled earfood, Skin Graft, as has been said many a time around these parts, has been the best record label for years and years, never once let us down, introduced us to the Flying Luttenbachers for gawdsake, how can we ever forgive them!  Go chew on the Xaddax video now please….

THE UNDECIDED, now this is what fourteen year old kids should be doing, mot messing around doing their school homework and ther x-box seven, this is proper,  this is the soon to be released early 2013, debut single by teenage rock band The Undecided. Louis Slater on guitar & lead vocals, Jake Adams on drums & backing vocals, Marshall Pheonix on bass guitar.



Here’s what a spokesperson said yesterday,  “The Undecided are three teenage boys from Hertfordshire. They met at school and it wasn’t long before they realised they shared a passion for writing and performing their own style of rock music. Having been influenced by the likes of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix, preferring genuine rock, they put their own spin on the music they have written.  The band consists of  Jake Adams (14) on drums and guitar, Louis Slater (14), guitarist and lead vocalist and Marshall Chaloufous (16) bass player. Jake has been playing drums for 6 years and has had a natural ability to ‘rock out’ from the first time he held a pair of sticks and is a self taught guitarist. Louis is a showman  with his catchy guitar riffs, great voice and unique stage presence, he’ll often be seen playing on his knees!”

The only on-line presence they seam to have so far is their Undecided Twitter Feed

Bit of DAZZLING KILLMEN before we go….

From the LP, ‘Face of Collapse’ released on Skin Graft Records (1992). One of everyone’s all-time favourite bands. Brutal and elegant.

That’s it, all done, load of good gigs on in London tonight, can’t make any of them, too busy doing things with primary colours down the street,  think there’s three Organ recommended gigs in London tonight, go look here on LondonGigs. Sorted then, get yourself down to Cultivate, check out the bombs and the primary colours and who spilt what where, then short bus ride to the Old Blue Last for that free DIE! DIE! DIE! gig, what do ya mean, you don’t live in London, get on a plane, train, bike, bus, we threw a lot of yellow paint for you today…. More tomorrow, maybe… things being things and what ‘ave yer..

….and no there wasn’t time to proofread.

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