ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: KK NULL’s wires are live this week…

Organ Thing Of The Day, 24th November…KK NULL in town this Tuesday. JACKSON POLLOCK just because…



Zeni Geva’s KK NULL brings what will surely be gloriously mellow relaxing soothing experience to London’s Cafe Oto this coming Tuesday 27th November as part as a three-handed poking at your edges, hit the link for more about the bill, about Oto and whatever else you yjikn you might need to know –  SUDDEN INFANT + KK NULL + SPOILS & RELICS

Here’s what the cafe say about the shape of things to come this Tuesday

“Economy of Language and Cafe OTO present an evening exploring the extremities of musique concréte, harsh noise and improvisation with three of the forms foremost operatives: Swiss aktionist Joke Lanz aka Sudden Infant, Zeni Geva’s KK Null from Japan and the UK’s Spoils and Relics…”.

And here’s a taste of KK NULL live at Stubnitz in Amsterdam, Oct. 2006.


And for no reason what so ever, a piece of Jackson Pollock footage.

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