ORGAN THING(s) OF THE DAY: The artbites of KEEMO, a taste of HONEY RIDE ME A GOAT, a touch of NI and..



ORGAN THING OF THE DAY, NOVEMBER 25th…   Your daily dose of Keemo, a taste of Honey Ride Me A Goat, a touch of Ni, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and what did Mark Rothko think of it all? …

Things, things, things ain’t working out down on the farm. Another thing? It isn’t supposed to be a task this time around, just bite-sized bits of things shared  Today’s one is brought to you by the late evening power of Lemsip and sitting in an open-door unheated art gallery all day.  Here comes your daily KEEMO while the shape of today’s things is considered. Don’t know why I like  Keemo, don’t need to analyse it too much, no need to think about ir, just enjoy the daily bite, the way his simple work just hits the spot for a moment or two, fast food sugar filled instant boiled sweet of an art hit. That piece over there is 5 Devils On Wood. (3.5″ x 30″).  He puts a piece up on line most days,  the daily Keemo up on Facebook and such/  Keemo is from Grand Rapids, Michigan, been following his daily pieces via Twitter, Facebook and Ebay for a couple of years now, there’s clear uncluttered pop art conciseness to his small pieces of creativity, none of his work ever seems to sell for much, always sells though, every day, a mew piece heading off to a different part of the globe.  You never see him being name-dropped anywhere, no big fuss, no big brainwash, just glorious little pieces of creative pleasure that pop out on a daily basis, I like Keemo

“Well, long story short… I have been painting for a long time and I mainly paint people. The people in my painting are usually based on real people that I may have ran into through the day or based upon people I know.  I also write and most of paintings don’t go anywhere without some kind of story to go along with it…”

Thing of the Day today is Keemo then, why not? It is always fun to check out what today’s is, and sometimes art should just be simple fun, an instant bite of pleasure, eye candy, pop art in the most positive sense, and quietly shared via the collective power of social media.

KEEMO on Facebook



Have some raw HONEY RIDE ME A GOAT while we remind you Sunday is Other Rock Show day and you need to go get near a radio…

Here’s the Honey Ride Me A Goat OTHER ROCK SHOW page.  What’s the Other Rock Show? A weekly radio show broadcast by Marina Organ on London arts radio station RESONANCE FM, hear it on old school proper FM radio all over London every Sunday night, 9pm UK time, 104.4FM on the dial, on line worldwide via the Resonance website.  The Other rock show is about exploring rock music beyond what some may call the obvious of mere 4/4, music made with the aid of an awkward time-signature or two.. Expect things like SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM

Or maybe.rather fine French band NI…..

Here’s some more NI via their Bandcamp page… That should do you for today shouldn’t it? More tomorrow… maybe… things

and for no reason other than reason itself, Mark Rothko… “”When I was a younger man, art was a lonely thing. No galleries, no collectors, no critics, no money. Yet, it was a golden age, for we all had nothing to lose, and the vision, the gain. Today is not quite the same. It is a time of tons of verbiage, activity, consumption. Which condition is better for the world at large I will not venture to discuss. But I do know that many of those who were driven to this life are desperately searching for those pockets of silence where we can root and grow. We must all hope we find them.”

And one last Keemo. he put this one up while today’s Organ broadcast was coming together, find out more about today’s piece(s) here

KEEMO - See Ourselves In Nature

KEEMO – See Ourselves In Nature

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