ORGAN THING OF THE DAY, November 26th….       Things, fings, whole world windows, lots of them, all staring back, television’s over, v. stared, star·ing, stares, staring at the screen, scream dream, who are the Meat And Onions gang and what were they shouting about all day Sunday? Who knows, we’ll deal with it on Monday, here comes the rain again. Thing of the Day? Woke up in a 1993 CONSOLIDATED kind of mood, will that do you today? The many heads of GARETH MORGAN? The MEAT AND ONIONS GANG? The Whole World Window? Monday, Monday….

A Gareth Morgan head

A Gareth Morgan head

These Meat and Onion people were making a right royal noise down Vyner Street yesterday, sounds like they have a bee in their collective bonnets about the shape of things, anger is an energy and storms were kicking up yesterday. Nothing like a slice of raw shouty energy on a Sunday afternoon down the street that’s falling in on itself.  Who ate THE MEAT AND ONIONS GANG anyway? They were yelling something about being pissed off with being oppressed, skint, John Barrowman, organised religion, Blur,  turkey twizzlers, old punks, the far left, the far right, the class system, they were generally just yelling, a gang of shouty people yelling all day, and why not? .There’s been a lack of shouting down Vyner Street on a Sunday since that crazy priest in the closed down post office building that was being used as an African church got shut down, he got shut down the building got knocked down… Lot of thing being knocked down down the street right now, knocked down by people who never come knocking to actually find out

Wake up, wake up, what’s the test score? Woke uo in a consolidated kind of mood this morning, and there really isn’t enough time fore all this, what with all the cultivating sucking up all the time there is and….

A Gareth Morgan head

A Gareth Morgan head

Woke up in a 1993 CONSOLIDATED kind of mood. This must be 1993, no, this is 2012, back to the future, and all year we’ve been quietly exhibiting (and indeed selling) the heads of London-based artist GARETH MORGAN, heads and bodies actually, carefully constructed pieces of geometrical pop art, small pieces, usually around A3, A4 size, sometimes painted on old book covers. always precise, painstakingly pieced together shapes and sizes, another artist just quietly building a following without all the chattering and fuss and going off and things.  There’s a certain pleasure in showing these things on our Cultivate walls, sharing them, celebrating them, the clean crispness where often we have quite the opposite what with all the layers and growth.. . Music by the people for the people is what the Meat and Onion Gang shouted, what sort of a name for a band is that anyway? And how good is this beautiful piano playing of Adrian Beckwith this Monday morning, whole load of Cardiacs treats on his soundcloud page, well add a link or two down at the end of the page while we’re listening to tbat hissing noise that makes a joke of me… Consolidated first, Yeastie style, eating in bed? No not that sort////

Sometimes these old things need to be dug out, dome things should not be lost under the piles of stuff that gets thrown out at us every day, Consolidated always had something to say, their records were vitally good, public enemies kicking up their own storm back there…

Is all that Yeastie making you scratch?

The Yeastie Girlz take on the Buzzcocks classic. A track from the Ovary Action EP that came out on Lookout Records (Lookout 9) back in 1988.

A glorious version of Whole World Window, that piece of Cardiacs beauty, played by Adrian Beckwith, now surly that will do for a wet rainly Monday in 1993 or 2012 or wherever we are today?

 GARETH MORGAN The Narrator (Acrylic on canvas)

GARETH MORGAN The Narrator (Acrylic on canvas)

Gareth Morgan’s The Narrator, currently on show at Cultivate, Vyner Street as part of the Primaries show…  that’s all for today

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