ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: DEATHBOMB ARC, CAPTAIN AHAB, DEATH GRIPS freebies and about a 100 other things…


Thing of the day you say? no, too busy, art is for life, 2am, need more hours or slaves or time machines or flying red bats that no one else can see, where would we be without the good doctor to guide us?  First Thursday/ it doesn’t just happen, someone has to nail it all in to place and no, no time today, normal service shall return tomorrow. Yeah, I know, there’;no such thing as normal service, you gave up on that where Organ is concerned years ago, today we leave it all to the good people of Deathbomb Arc

Well they did come up with the goods yesterday, and hey look, Captain Ahab, DeathGrips, Clipping, U.S Girls, Foot Village and more, over to Brian & Leroy…

Happy Holidays everyone! In addition to all the massive sales we have going on right now, we’re also making a ton of music from our back catalog available for free! Thanks for all your support! If you like what you hear, please share with a friend, enemy, or frenemy!

The entirety of the first year of the Deathbomb Digital Singles Club is now on our bandcamp. Bands such as Death Grips, U.S. Girls, Captain Ahab, clipping, Foot Village, Divorce, EAR PWR, and tons and tons more. Each song is available to download for free individually. If you would like the convenience of downloading them all together at once, there is a small fee. But for those out there that just want a couple of the tracks, or have time as a greater commodity than money, they are all free on an individual level.

Since there is so much material in the Deathbomb Digital Singles Club, the bandcamp version has been divided into two parts. Part one is here. Part two is here. Enjoy! Share! Spread the love!

We’re also offering a ton of our recent releases from 2012 and the entire Captain Ahab catalog at a massive savings. Vinyl, cd, cassette, all those physical formats that are a joy to actually hold and cherish. Check these out at:
AND, you can now download everything that Foot Village has ever recorded for free: EVERYTHING BY FOOT VILLAGE, FOR FREE!

Enjoy everyone!!!! Love, Brian & Lero


And they may have split this year, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stil go discover them and love them lots, we played them at you lots of times on the radio and  via the pages of the Organ back there. Did it get better than Captain Ahab in the last few years? No.

The two day Deathbomb Organ love in is now officially over, normal service back tomorrow, whatever that is? Maybe? Oh, and oh, if you leave yuor plinth out on the street then it will get painted….

if you leave your plinth outside on our street then....

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