ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: FOOT VILLAGE making new memories, MYDOG SIGHS takes a bite…

ORGAN THING OF THE DAY, 5th Decenber:  FOOT VILLAGE making new memories, MYDOG SIGHS takes a bite…


“2013 marks the glorious return of Foot Village (that’s them up there) as they unleash their fourth full-length, Make Memories on Northern Spy Records.  The album doesn’t hit stores until March, but  the band has just leaked  the album art, the tracklist and a new whacked out album trailer.

footvillagealbumwebIt seems like the  band is pretty superstitious too as they insisted on having the pre-sale for Make Memories start on the Mayan End of the World, 12/21/12. They’re being damn mysterious about it actually. There’s talk of exclusive remixes being given away with the pre-sale, but someone else told us we had to beep some guy in Fresno to hear the record before street date. All we know is they got something special planned just in case December 21st is the end.  See ya on the other side!”

That’s the just released album cover artwork just there, don’t know anything about no guy in Fresno but new Foot Village has to be good for your heads, hands and feet, more soon no doubt, here comes video bits, there a free download down there….


Prolific can man MYDOG SIGHS got a little upset with us this week, he kind of got hold of the wrong end of the stick the other day when we shared a photo of his latest can on the Organ Facebook page.  What we were actually saying is that It was rather good to see him do something just a little different with a crushed can.  Not that we didn’t appreciate his way with those cans and those eyes and his faces already, each one has a little something of their own, a touch of unique personality with each one, a delightfully simple idea that’s been capturing people’s smiling approval all year.  Has to be said though, there had been a little bit of a feeling in recent times that he was kind of danger of looking like he was churning them out a little recently, that he was in danger of getting himself a little bit of a one trick pony reputation – something you could say about a lot of artists who leave their teeth, their toasters, their stick people, leaves or whatever on the street art side of life of course.   So this week were we rather please to see a new can with an unexpected bite appear on his very busy Facebook page, something very MyDog yet refreshingly different.  Mr Dog did not take kindly to our suggestion that some might just be seeing him as a one track pony, what we were actually saying was that that unexpected mouth can kicked the one trick pony notion right in to touch,  that that mouth was just what we needed to see right now, excellent way for the Portsmouth-based artist to bring a rather prolific 2012 to a creative close. MyDog Sighs is an artist on the up and the mouth can is a positive taste of things moving forward – bring on more eyes on bean cans, faces, syrup tins and more next year, just as long as there’s a curveball ready to bite, like this piece just, now and again….    No one trick pony here and those who suggest there is, aren’t really looking…


Thymme Jones from Cheer Accident calls out Steve Albini over prog rock


Meanwhile long-standing Dutch post-punk creative legends THE EX are a band we’ve been recommending rather a lot via these pages and the pages of LondonGigs in recent weeks, they just finished an impressive three night residency at CafeOto here in London. If you’ve never heard them then here’s some free downloadable tasters

STEVE REICH’s  Clapping Music video, parked here for no particular reason, can you make it through the whole thing?

Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson perform Steve Reich’s minimal piece ‘Clapping Music’. Idea, George Manak, Editing Peter van der Ham. 2005

Those were today’s things then, more tomorrow (maybe)

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