ORGAN THING OF THE DAY, Slug? Baby Lemonade? I Eat Vomit? Thing of the Day?

69_babylemonadeflyerfrontweb1ORGAN THING OF THE DAY, December 8th, Slug? Baby Lemonade? I Eat Vomit? Thing of the Day? Which day? Parking violations in the time of chimpanzees? And a maggot on what? Shave your face with some mace in the dark.  please baby lemonade, be nice to us, like ice, like ice tea? Ice-T? There is no time, there’s never any time, slug? Maggot? Maggot on your lip? What was Rod Stewart trying to flog on Mowlem Street last week? Did you see how many paintings got hung on those fractured white walls of Cultivate yesterday, moving pictures and the mess that gets made on an opening night doesn’t clean itself up, no sleep ‘till the day after tomorrow or something like thay, full on overkill, you can’t have too much overkill.  Thing of the day? The Breeders reforming for ATP next summer? Lewis Banister taking on Star Wars? The new show of bold Lee Jinhan paintings and a show called I Eat Vomit that opened at Hada Contemporary?  Only way to feel the noise is when it’s good and loud,  Thing of The Day? Go ask the reptiles biting at the ankles out there down the street, they don’t get to walk on our floor, we love our floor, god save the floor, thing is, thing? Rod Stewart flogging hooky gear? Baby lemonade in the gallery run by the black and white dog? Louis Slug Slater and Tom J Newell opened a show called Baby Lemonade at Wayward Gallery, just off Vyner Street, the place vibrated to the sounds of Black Sabbath, big bold lines on the wall….

…. War Pigs and big cold comic book paintings, War Pigs, sculptures and skateboards and all running until December 16th at the gallery run by the little black and white dog, half way dwon Vyner Street, E2, swing a right at Cultivate Corner, just past House of Vostrovska and jsut before Gallery Forty7 where Mary Ann Beall’s Small Worlds exhibition was (and is) happening (nothing falling in on itself here, galleries down Vyner Street are buzzing, not the kind of galleries Nettie approves of, but hey good riddance to her as we’ve said before)

Baby lemonade show, Wayward

Baby lemonade show, Wayward



…. And Thing of the Day?  Meanwhile over the road at Hada… Lee Jinhan’s I eat Vomit…

“Lee Jinhan’s expressive abstract paintings depart from the challenge between the Renaissance perspectives and abstract modernist paintings. Lee’s joyful layers of painterly surfaces display both spontaneous fluidity with delicate moderation. She playfully sweeps across the canvas with diverse artistic medium such as oil paints, fluorescent spray paints and glitters with captivating colours to create the subtle disorientation between abstract and figuration and two dimension and three dimension bringing the continuous to-and-fro reaction within. By strategically merging two chronically different ideas of representation – Renaissance perspective representation as illusions of reality and flat Modernist abstract representation as an object of itself – she allows the disparate spaces and time to coexist on the surfaces creating linear relationships. The layers of paints cease to exist in their chronological order breaking the continuity of time and space allowing all to exist in one moment in time…” .

All the time back at Cultivate, we’d moved lots of pictures and opened a show last night as well, lots of shows opening up and down Vyner Street and Mowlem Street last night…

Cultivate last night

Cultivate last night

And so two days morphed in to one, you really didn’t expect a thing of the day everyday did you? I got better things to be doing and you’ve got fences to be tied to, the Art Is For Live show is on at Cultivate, Hada are doing their things again, Baby lemonade is happening at Wayward, Syd isn’t part of it, well I don’t think he is, have to ask them, here’s a Beck video from the days before Scientology stole him, from the days when he was good, from the time of pieces of wax falling on the termite….

What’ that you say? no new music today? Organ is supposed to be about new music, not today, here’s a DVD we reviewed when it was new, this i how you shoot a live band and get it all nailed down, how good were they for a while back there!

Alright then, here’s something forthcoming, something new that isn’t out quite yet, will that do for today? Camilla Sparksss is going to teach you to hunt….

I’ll Teach You To hunt is the first of a series of 7″ singles to be released by Camilla Sparksss to be released in the upcoming year and a half. .More Camilla Sparksss or some other thing tomorrow (maybe?), This is has been a no proofreading production, no sleep ’till…


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