ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: No Presents for Tiny Tim, Christmas with Billy Childish.



ORGAN THING OF THE DAY, December 10th, No Presents for Tiny Tim, Christmas with Sir Billy Childish….

Awfully polite pile of music in the Organ in-box today and the last thing anyone wants is a Thing of The Day just for the headpecking sake of it, Dropkick Murphys singing politely of eggnog and going for the Pogues Fairytale market is not what we need on a December morning, bring on the humbuggery and get this politeness out of here, no music unless it really does honestly excite, “I guess they’re alright” is not enough, new music not exciting these ears is why twenty fours years came to a halt last year, average music will not do, people who want to be the next Frank Turner will not do, beards will not do, polite Christmas songs will not do, metal by numbers will not do, indiesmindie heard it all before will not do, this new Blood Red Shoes music that just invited itself in to our inbox will not do, I’m pretty sure that had a bite to then once upon a time…  None of this will do, Cleaning the Filth From a Delicate Frame will do, here, have another taste….

The LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS album is out now on SKIN GRAFT Records and if you have a problem with us sharing another taste then there’s probably plenty about the next Frank Turner somewhere on some other page for you to read about, this is how Organ rolls now and here’s a bag load of essential free music tasters to get you hooked and lusting for more…

So BILLY CHILDISH has some Christmas prints that are every bit as on the nail as those Olympic ones from earlier this year. The L-13 Christmas shop is where you go to get them

Here’s some rather raw ZENI GEVA from the other day

And here’s some equally raw MELT BANANA because…. You don’t need a because…


And a merry whatever to you as well, we do rather like Billy Childish and his style and if you must buy Christmas art, then William is yer man…. On the other hand, you could just keep an eye of an ear out for some free art…

….Of course the idea of leaving free art on tops of walls for years, none of this is new, it didn’t start with a Facebook page or two, art left on seats of trains, outside galleries, inside galleries, in phone boxes, on buses, anonymously at times, details on the back of work on other occasions, the notions of shared creativity, of someone finding a piece of art, taking it home and just enjoying it, the idea of making a piece of art and just leaving it for someone to find… The idea of free art for some now comes with the added layer that is social media, is that a good thing? where is the art? Who found the art? Who leaving what where today? For years it was Thursday, Thursday is now Friday, Friday is any day, it all naturally evolved, there are no rules, there are no leaders, no one started it, it all just started, communication is good, sharing is good, this page doesn’t need explaining, use it and let’s see what happens…. free art whateverday, whateverplace…FREE ART FRIDAY, LONDON


More of this kind of thing tomorrow, (maybe….), id the music you’re making inspires us a little more then it did today…

that middle Childish image up there is called  David Cameron’s Christmas Wishes, this one here, just to your left is George Osborne’s Christmas wishes

All three were “Designed by Billy Childish with the assistance of Harry Adams” It comes as a limited edition of 31 numbered and stamped copies SIGNED by BILLY CHILDISH…  The Billy Childish Christmas advert is now over, today’s slice of Organ has been brought to you by the letter L and the number 13, we’re out of here, maybe we’ll do it again tomorrow, maybe?

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