THING OF DAY, December 16th What’s stewing? Another thing, that’s what’s stewing, SHEPARD FAIREY at Miami’s Art Basel, as reported on ABC News should you wish to see what he has to say. Just pointing you at the news story and video  while today’s Thing of The Days stews on the stove over there,  These things do have to stew, can’t just throw any old thing up here, things have to stew, paint has to flow and if the boys want to fight you better let them.  40 days, 400 Blows, here’s a tasty bit of eight year old 400 BLOWS while we let today’s Thing of The Day stew over there….  Root of our Nature from the Black Rainbows album. Gave Black Rainbows a rather positive review at the time, the video just flew past, no harm in grabbing it and leaving it here for you while today’s Thing stews over there There is no reason why that 400 Blows video should be up here on this page today, no one ever said there had to be a reason, there’s no reason for this Organ thing to still be here either, forty day comeback…. How’s the stewing? Never mind the strew, here’s a ZOE CROSSE painting, her work is enjoying a lot of positive attention at Cultivate right now, six or seven of her pieces enjoying lots of response from all kinds of people/ People just really enjoying the way Zoe uses paint, the way her colour flows, the way it glows. her new pieces are being enjoyed, art should sometimes just be enjoyed….



Has it stewed yet? Yes, the colour and painterly flow of ZOE CROSSE’s canvas work, the enjoyment of her paint is Thing of The Day….ZOE’s work can be enjoyed on the walls at Cultivate, Vyner Street, London E2 until December 23rd as part of the Art is For Life show…
More tomorrow….

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