ORGAN THING OF THE DAY, December 23rd….  (Charles) Book&Record, birds feet, Leafhearts and….and,,, Quadrilles and a Sufjan Stevens collection of…


You’ll find this track in the shape of a Sufjan Stevens/Silver&Gold re-mix from the Chopped and Scrooged mixtape, as featured on  Here’s what the good people at Pitchfork have to say about things,,,,

“Because a five-EP box set is simply not an adequate celebration of Christmas, Sufjan Stevens has corralled a group of rappers for a Christmas-themed hip-hop mixtape featuring music from the box set”  The mix-tape is called Chopped and Scrooged. Stream it or download it from 

Rappers on the tape include Das Racist (R.I.P.), Kitty Pryde, Nicky Da B, and Busdriver, with production by John Dieterich of Deerhoof, Fol Chen, Son Lux, and more…”

Meanwhile, while birds run around leafhearts in the snow, the Deathbomb year end festivities carry on….


Back in the summer, while the Organ monster was out sitting on top of a hill somewhere, these Organ words appeared elsewhere (on a day we got sidetracked over on the Cultivate gallery blog if you must know), these words appear here now because London’s rather understated Quadrilles kick off 2013 with an Other Rock Show gig at the Buffalo Bar, Highbury along Thumpermonkey and the rather excellent Honey Ride Me A Goat  on January 10th…

Quadrilles Inuit

QUADRILLES, Inuit, the new eight track EP

Well some new music from a band that were covered a little bit back in the full-on daze of Organ, played on the radio too… Radio show is on a summer break at the moment, we’ll be back on air at Resonance FM in the Autumn and there’s a billion ways to keep the milk warm, but if it’s all the same we can put the kettle on, there’s a million names all being said here, but if it’s all the same why don’t we disappear?  QUADRILLES are kind of polite, they’re nice, in a good way though, not using ‘nice’ as some kind of back-handing insult here. Sometimes ‘nice’ is good, and this rather positively enjoyable London band make easy-on-the-ear, harmlessly-uplifting, indie-flavoured, mild-mannered post/math rock.  Intelligently light and breezy, no showing off technique, no beard-growing tedium here, Quadriiles are more about feeling, about bright colours, uplifting cups of tea and Gong! Hey! Fat! Choi!  They don’t need to show off, they’re don;t need to tell us how clever they are, they’’ve got a rather breezy eight track EP out right now.

The new Quadrilles EP is called Inuit.  The EP is nothing revolutionary, nothing groundbreaking different, Quadrilles aren’t vital (but then who are these days? Extra Life? Death rips?). No, Quadrilles aren’t going to change your life, they’re not going to make you want to shout their names from the roof tops, they’re just a really fine, really uplifting, really rather pleasant band with a rather cleverly simple, less-is-more set of enjoyable tunes and a new EP that’s made with feeling, that’s presented with a spirit of pure enjoyment. Quadrilles are a quiet band, an unassuming band, a band that could easily slip by without you really noticing. Don’t let them slip by, they’re a band it really is impossible not to enjoy, especially if breezy post rock flavoured things be your thing of choice.  Quadrilles have this little touch of simple magic to them, their latest EP was released yesterday, you can pay whatever you want for the download version via their Bandcamp page should you feel like it…


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