ORGAN THING(S) OF THE DAY: some Organ TV…. drips, seeds, sounds, things to cultivate……

ORGAN THING(S) OF THE DAY, DECEMBER 24th…. A whole load of things…. drips, seeds, sounds, things to cultivate… Well no, not so much “Things” today, just a thing or two to get you thought the next few days.  That’s it, out of here, hopefully see you on the other other other side of Christmas (if we make it though) .We’ll leave you with these random things and wish you a Merry thing, more things on the other side, that’s the thing….. time to really cultivate…


Death Grips – World of Dogs

Life Drips – Jackson Pollock

Lovely Little Girls – Muscular Sac Structures

Cardiacs – As Cold As Can Be In An English Sea (rehearsal)

Street Art 101 – Shepard Fairey

Subhumans – Mickey Mouse Is Dead

Don’t Need You – The Herstory of Riot Grrrl

Napalm Death (back in the days of guitarists in t-shirts of the highest taste…)

Here’s NAPALM DEATH performing 3 tracks … ‘Lowpoint’, ‘The Kill’ and ‘Dead’ on TFI Friday which was hosted by Chris Evans. It was broadcast in February 1999.(shall we do some more t-shirts?)

And just a few more things to get you (and us) through the Christmas endurance….

Gentle Giant – 1975 Long Beach

Gentle Giant playing Features from Octopus in Long Beach, CA 1975. It was broadcast live on TV at the time…

CRASS – There Is No Authority But Yourself

Van Der Graaf Generator – live in 2005

VDGG comeback tour in Leverkusen, Germany, (nov 5, 2005).

And finally, in preparation for their gig at the Buffalo Bar, London on January 10th, Kent’s very own…



My boots didn’t quite make it, hope you do, back in a few days with more proper things…. maybe…

One thought on “ORGAN THING(S) OF THE DAY: some Organ TV…. drips, seeds, sounds, things to cultivate……

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