cultivate_backinblackORGAN THING OF THE DAY, DECEMBER 29th, PURE EVIL? DEVILMAN? “That’s some rather nice glitch” said a voice from over there in the corner of the Organ bunker, for this is a bunker and the bunker id full of some rather pleasant glitch, a kind of freeform flow, some nice dub a s well, the refreshing sound of PURE EVIL vs DUB WIZZARD, nothing revolutionary. Nothing groundbreaking, just a nice bit of refreshing electronic dub, a touch of breezy glitch and some refined brightness on a grey Saturday morning at the end of the year… Did Tracy just get a gong? Eyephones? Good for her, all a load of old here have a medal Sir this or Dame that, Tracy Emin, establishment figure, it could be worse, and so, PURE EVIL down in his basement with his music head on rather than is his pure_podcastimagepainting head (or his gallery head).  Thing of The Day then, have a taste of DEVILMAN and some quality squelch while things are considered and we pull together some back in blackness (this is a non-stop operation)….

“DEVILMAN comprises of three strong individual talents, Shige (DJ Scotch Egg) on bass, Gorgonn (Dokkebi Q) live mixing, and Taigen Kawabe (Bo Ningen) providing vocals. They are part of a secret underground organisation fronted by the mysterious MR. D”.

You find Devilman on that rather impressive looking SMALL BUT HARD label,  you don’t need clever words from us (although there are a few down there just beyond that good looking photo of Devilman at Supersonic

DEVILMAN then, go explore their menace, their crunch, their foreboding swoop, their all encompassing power that’s almost claustrophobic, it a sound that wraps itself around your mind and body….

DEVILMAN – Bakan Q – Small But Hard Records 2012

A touch of new PABLO DELGADO art that just landed on a London street (photo credit Claude Crommelin)

PABLO DELGADO (photo credit Claude Crommelin)

PABLO DELGADO (photo credit Claude Crommelin)

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