ORGAN THING OF THE DAY, January 1st 2013…  Cutwoman, The Puncture Repair Kit…

Who’s that? What’s that? A fly poster glued to the wall down Vyner Street, with a row of tear-off tabs on the bottom just waiting to be curiously torn off, well why not? I was the first, just found the one I ripped of yesterday in my back pocket. Where’s it going to take us? Let’s go see….

CUTWOMAN is where, “Cutwoman Makes Collage” reads the headline, well that’s as good a place to start the year as anywhere don’t you think? Someone posting up something and seeing where it leads her, it lead her here and now we’re passing it on to you, there’s a piece of art and you have the link, a good start to a creative 2013. A state of imposed austerity will at least breed creativity…

This Year cover artAnd the final e.mail that came in to the Organ in-cox on the last day of 2012 was from THE PUNCTURE REPAIR KIT, it read “Hello, After a bit of a break (for geographical reasons) Cambridge’s premier rickety chamber pop band the Puncture Repair Kit would like to announce their return with a free new year song. It’s called This Year and you can download it here for FREE:  Please help spread the word!  Happy 2013 from Matthew, Rachel, Becky, Mark, Lozzy & Kellye”

And that seems to be as good a way as any to start the year here… that and a whole load of big exclamation marks….  More this tomorrow, maybe…

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