ORGAN THING OF THE DAY, December 31st 2012…   We are, we are. we are in the last film I ever saw, where they kept the change and they told lies, put your seat belts on, time to the leave the year and all those anti social networks. Been throwing CDs at the disc chewer all morning while feeding the Bang and the many exclamation marks that will be needed in 2013 while Ill Manors provided the antidote needed this grey Hackney morning, we do get rather a lot of very average music sent in, awful waste of postage stamps and jiffy envelopes, a rock and roll damnation in deepest E8 where the broken beds pile up in the wreckage of failed gentrification and the price is the only gentrified thing they stick to. The broken beds of the now evicted piled high to greet the new year in broken Britain. Last Organ thing of 2012 then, can’t leave it without mentioning how good those CHIPS FOR THE POOR were down in a dingy dark East London basement of a broken cafe in broken Britain a couple of weeks ago, one of the best live bands in the land when they get it all hooked up and flowing in the right direction, no two gigs are ever the same……..


RON ATHEY, respected London-based (at the moment) American performance artist who’s always worth checking out, has just posted this enticing bit of information on his Facebook page….   “Pleading in the Blood: Life and Art of Ron Athey, aka The Book, after a few years of work, tedious glitches and postponements, a January 2013 announcement is forthcoming! (photo by Regis Hertrich)”

More Organ flavoured Ron Athey coverage here in the shape of a 2007 interview, there was a lot more Organ coverage actually, most of it not on line anymore, anti-social media indeed, broken internet, one day we’ll put it all back up, or put the best bits in a book or something…

DO IT TOGETHER  “is an independent full-length documentary film that explores the new ways of creating and exchanging sounds”,  don’t ask me, looks interesting, there’s the teaser trailer thing down there underneath these words, and you just passed the orange link to their Facebook page, we’re down here in Sin City just passing on the diamonds and the dust, the dry Martini and shangri-la…

As for the gun painting, yes, that can be part of the Bang show, be delighted to have it, with Bang I was really hoping artists would lead it rather than me just putting together another group show…I hope the show will constantly evolve over the two weeks that you’ll find it happening in and around Cultivate.  Bang should be about starting the year with just that,  a bang, about artists coming together and really trying to hit the year with a rule-bending positive, that and seeing where people want to take Cultivate in 2013,  we shall see what happens….

Happy to go with the gun for Bang and Powerage really is AC/DC at their very best, that’s the album when they hit their creative best, hit it in terms of songs, in terms of pure attitude and Powerage is that high point before it got all over-slick and they got the raw guts produced out of them, there was still good albums to come, Back In Black was the last truly great one, Powerage is it though,. Powerage tuned up loud will serve as an antidote and blast away most things.  Yeah yeah, what’s that got to do with the last day of 2012, yeah, I know Organ is about now, the new things, told you already, been opening envelopes and throwing discs at the chewer all morning, nothing impressed enough to get words glowing, and ain’t it funny how the time flies, sitting in our Cadillac, can’t afford the gasoline, I got holes in my shoes… Sometimes Powerage or something equally as good is needed to cleanse the palette, school out, rules out, oi! There’s no such thing as broken Britain…. So Bang then, just a load of exclamation marks or something more? All up to you…

New things? There’s fifty or so pages to scroll back through over there, busy with the exclamation marks and cultivating some much need energy here, Back in Black? Why not, Lovely Little Girls 2012nice lives, cats eyes, this next year it needs YOU to do the cultivating as well as us. Time for you to so some playing with fire, let it spread and burn, pity the plight of those artists….No, I don’t want to boost my Nectar points today thank you very much, no your band did not blow my mind, I hit the Soundcloud link like you asked and the ad breams in between, breams? breaks? If you don’t believe in something then you’ll fall for anything. Favourite band of 2012? Lovely Little Girls? Probably? Not is an end of the year list kind of mood, and what a day to go get a gun, Good morning Madeleine, happy last day of the year and all that… Really like the the black ones, especially the one with the yellow/orange centre, happy to do with any/all of them for the Black show if you are.. As for the gun painting, yes, that can be part of the Bang show….   Luckily for them we ain’t that stupid, and what a great day it is to prove it. no thrills Organ, everything will be okay, yes it will, the proof is in te reading, too busy with the pudding for proof reading, bang, just let it happen.  Favourite band of 2012? Chips For The Poor? Probably? But it ain’t a list kind of day? No throwing no hat in the air, common goal? Common enemy? Obey? OBEY!

HAS SHEPARD FAIREY SOLD OUT? Here’s what he has to say….

“I’ve been hearing some cries of “SELLOUT!” over the various products for sale. Anyone who has not taken on a project of this ambition and complexity or owned their own business is really in no position to be judgmental. However, people are judgmental by nature, so here is what I have to say: The uncompromised experiment is definitely not over. Because the campaign exists in harmony with, not contrary to, conspicuous consumption (the giant project could not exist within a social climate that was not susceptible to consumption catalyzed by image repetition).

The Giant campaign simply pokes fun at the process by teasing the consumer with propaganda for a product which is merely more propaganda for the campaign; very reflexive,.. the propaganda and the product are the same. The ultimate success of giant is commercial embrace because this demonstrates that the unaware consumer, as opposed to the hipster in on the joke, has been subversively indoctrinated. I’m trying to achieve as large scale a coup as possible with an absurd icon that should never have made it this far. Only if the campaign reaches a level of visibility and interaction that exceeds the underground “cool” ceiling will it have a chance to make a profound statement about the societal tendency to jump on the bandwagon. The dialogue the project can start about the process of imagery absorption is the most important aspect; this dialogue is most meaningful if the giant campaign becomes pervasive enough to become a trend psychology driven feeding frenzy like some silly crap such as the Rubik’s cube or the Spice Girls.

aaa_interfreeartBacklash is an unavoidable side-effect. Anyway, I put all the profits back into more stickers and posters for the street, because that is my love, not money. People have different reasons for liking GIANT and I can understand people not wanting to see it leave the underground niche it has enjoyed for so many years. All I can say is that even in the commercial applications of OBEY/GIANT I am attempting to retain the rebellious spirit of the street project (every t-shirt comes with a mini-stencil and manifesto).
Sincerely, Shepard Fairey

Free Art Friday? No one started it, no one makes the rules, anyone can do it, take it where you want, do with it what you will, our contribution flows down Vyner Street these days, sometimes in a formal way, mostly in a very informal way….Come join in, get it in the post, drop art, leave art, find art, take some home… we’ve done with undercover, contact to switch the other, this thing will not blow over, a webcore of creativity, we are, we are. we are….

Shellac –  Jailbreak

Fell down a hole? Lost my way? Bang! Made it out,,,,, with a bullet in yer back, no going back… we are, we are. we are….Organ in to 2013 then? Maybe? Somewhere on the underside of the Captain’s Table? We are, we are. we are….We’ll turn the table over, this thing will not blow over, contact to switch the other, as easy as abc, this is still the Organ anthem, (and the ring tone) this thing will not blow over…. Favourite band of the year? This is no time for lists…..MAKE CONTACT, SWITCH THE OTHER, HAPPY NEW YEAR… BANG! We didn’t break it, broken Britain? Create is still the word…with this feeling…. Big thanks from the Organ/Cultivate team, here’s some more earfood… more next year? Certainly…

Colossamite – Anti-Christ Devil Child

Big’n – TNT

Zeni Geva – Let There Be Rock


Kraftwerk – Heavy metal kids (1971)

Webcore – Now



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