ORGAN THING OF THE DAY, January 2nd,Thing of the day? Busy day today, just a quick thing, too busy hitting that b of bang with a lot of exclamation marks  Paint in the rain was the thing of the day today

‘Quiet Earth’ by Thumpermonkey.

EXCLAMATION No2 (2013 - Sean Worrall)

EXCLAMATION No2 (2013 – Sean Worrall)

Quiet Earth’ from the 2012 album ‘Sleep Furiously’ by Thumpermonkey.  ‘Sleep Furiously’ CD / Download available here.: Footage taken from ‘The Quiet Earth‘ (1985 Dir. Geoff Murphy). As previously reported on these no-thrill Organ pages, Thumpermonkey play their first gig of the year at the Buffalo Bar, Islington, North London, on January 10th with Quadrilles and Honey Ride Me A Goat and DJ Marina Organ (Other Rock Show, Resonance FM) .

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