ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: CAMILLA SPARKSSS will teach you to hunt, and has anyone seen that bridge?

I'll teach you to hunt / single #1 cover artTHING OF THE DAY, January 8th….   We did warn you about this late last year, that biting CAMILLA SPARKSSS single, I’LL TEACH YOU TO HUNT is now out as a limited edition 7″ vinyl picture disc that also comes with a whole load of Polaroid photos and a menacing set of synth lines… soothing 80’s synth lines actually, classic pop flavours, the menace is more in the vocals and the hunting. Brilliantly edgy experimental Kissing The Pink flavours on the b-side, throw yourself at the link and she’ll give you a name and then she’ll chase you away – hear/buy/worship the single and explore here  That almost instrumental b-side (that doesn’t seem to have a tittle) really does bite.  The Polaroids all come with unique tracks…

Hang on, tha b-side dies have a tittle and here some more about that video and the release….

Directed, filmed and edited by Barbara Lehnhoff at La Fonderia, Bellinzona, Switzerland. Starring Muriel Del Don, Giorgia Del Don, Anahì Traversi and Barbara Lehnhoff.

“I’ll teach you to hunt” is the first of a series of 7″ singles published by Camilla Sparksss to be released in the upcoming year and a half on On the Camper Records.

On side A, I’ll Teach You To Hunt, is a declaration of love for pop and on side B, For You The Wild, reveals her passion for noise.

I’ll teach you to hunt is available on 7” vinyl limited edition picture disc + digital download (500 copies) and as limited edition of 1 unique polaroid + digital download (15 copies). All polaroids were taken during the shooting of the official video for “I’ll teach you to hunt”. After these 15 polaroids the album will not be sold digitally.

Meanwhile DUTCH UNCLES play a free London gig tonight at the Shacklewell Arms, Shacklewell lane, Dalston, East London. More Dutch Uncles coverage here  Their album Out of Touch In The Wild is out on January 14th on Memphis Industries.

Has anyone seen that bridge? You can find it up at the top pf Mare Street, central Hackney, E8, where artist MARTIN RICHMAN has transformed it a little…

new artwork under hackney city centre bridge

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