ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Synth crunch from TOBY SCREAMER, street art from INVADER and BARRY McGEE

THING OF THE DAY? January 9th…   Things… things….. nine days in, string of nonsenseness, yeastie girls, stray cats, bangs, exclamation marks and we’d like the take a moment to apologize (with a zeeeee) for that outbreak of rather restrained Bowie yesterday but it really was only because David wanted you to check out Monster Island‘s spiky new album. Here’s have some classic jagged angularness from BOW AND ARROW while we consider the price of pineapples and post-hardcore avant free-form improv stumbling around Los Angeles in 2006, might be half a dozen or so years old but that doesn’t matter does it? No….

….No, There’s more Bow and Arrow here, things they’re doing now and such, whoever ‘they’ are, don’t ask us, you’ve got the links, what more do you want? Mr L Fong? Barry McGee/ Burning Burning? Lydia Fong? Here comes a BARRY McGEE film

Get a grasp? Byron and Blake? Shoes? SHOES IN THE GALLERY, Never mind no shoes in no gallery, how good is this? meaty synths, INVADER, ToBy SCREAMER and a glorious tune called Analog Trip (from the new EP Guess Who’s Back – out this week)/ Here come some ToBy Screamer links, Soundcloud, and Facebook and what you really need to know is this piece of eye candy and ear food is from the Invader film IN BED WITH INVADER, a film shot in 2011. which you’ll find a just down there. That’s some ToBy Screamer artwork just there and was Bowie ever that good? Nah, he had a moment or two, yesterday’s unannounced single release certainly caused a lot of interest, spread like wildfire all day yesterday as the world came to a stop and never mind that, that’s yesterday’s news…. today’s news is down there beyond the Invader bit and tomorrow’s electronic chip wrapper, Things… things….. nine days in, string of nonsenseness, yeastie girls, stray cats, bangs, exclamation marks and….

ToBy Screamer – Analog Trip




EMMA BUGGY – Vagina Shoes no4

Things… things….. nine days in, string of nonsenseness, yeastie girls, stray cats, bangs, exclamation marks and England mostly sleeping in to the new year. Saturday was rescued by Cattle, the day rolled something like this; Sunday bloody Sunday in the East End fog of Vyner Street, we’re up and open here at Cultivate, the first people in today were from Japan, the second from Holland, Amsterdam actually, they wanted to know why England was asleep, told them England ever wakes up until February, art is a lazy business. They took a free exclamation mark, about a hundred photos and said they’d come back to buy me a pint when the pub was open… Yesterday was Germans, journalists and people buying Zoe Crosse paintings, that and artists bringing in new work to add to the Bang! Meanwhile someone from Charles Saatchi’s organisation just tried to flog us a place on a tour of East End galleries where I could get to meet some actual artists and gallery people and explore some of the East End galleries, only £250, having a giraffe Charlie mate, I bet you don’t even know where that Gordon Banksy lives, let alone the studio of that rather Russian artist over there. Ah, the first drug deal of the day is going down, a rather polite one, no shouting or swearing on anyone’s bleedin’ mutha’s life or any of the usual niceties… Take you on a tour if you want, half the price of Charlie’s lot, see you in the pub over the road…. What about Monster Island‘s new album I hear you yell, hang on a moment, I’s telling you about Sunday bloody Sunday…

The latest drug deal of the day is not going so well, very poor customer service. And and that Bortusk Leer piece that was pasted up at the top end of the street has now been ripped down, just blew past the front door of the gallery, so what do you reckon? Stick it in a frame and charge £5000 for it? What price art?

SLAVES   – Who are Slaves? Metronomic razor-edged stripped to the bone in your faceness of a confrontational ranting standing on the the podium shouting at the camera nature is who and what Slaves are. Raw lo-fi goodness is what Slaves are, they are not  f***king beautiful, take yourself on a punk beauty-quest in your new shoes and your best white shirt, or something like that. Slaves play an Organ Recommended gig ar the Highbury Garage (London), this Friday.

Monster Island? We’ll write some words tomorrow, you don’t need words, there it is, via the orange link, go explore, Bowie loves it, he said so yesterday….



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