ORGAN THING OF THE DAY – Experimental noise pop from UMEZ. battle level CARDIACS, more DUTCH UNCLES

14 years old cover artTHING OF THE DAY, 16th JAN…

on this foggy sixteenth day of the year, we have more things, if you want things that is? Well do you?


UMEZ – 14 Years Old

A lo-fi coming together of fracture layers of challenging (not too challenging) left-field pop and envelope-stretching experimental noise. Umez’s album 14 Years Old would. At times, be almost twee if it wasn’t for the outbursts of noise and the beautifully rough edges, if it wasn’t for the skin scraping abrasions that come at you from all angles and never quite let you settle comfortably with the London-based duo’s homemade music. Sometimes delicately beautiful, glorious snippets of crafted tunes (always tunes, structures) that can’t help but make you smile, other times, pure experimental hardboiled throwing noise at your head and demanding you duck or bleed, always tunes though, always tunes… O.A is the sound of violent projectile musical retching of a gloriously unrefined nature, it is immediately followed by some almost sickly childlike acoustic lo-fi twee-pop that slowly gives way to delicately considered fuzz. Album opener Rainbows is just gorgeously raw and equipped with a beautifully homemade church bell of a lo-fi riff. Bambi Boo Daim is something near early Jesus and Mary Chain messing with Shonen Knife’s sugar supply,  Green Day is just delicate screaming pain over a gracefully hammered fist on a very electronic keyboard, always appearing to be very considered and the creators in complete deliberate control of their noise, their creativity, a minute in to the nine that make up the piece called Green Day and the shapes and sounds and almost whispered female voice(s) are beautifully delicate and uplifting now… Here you are if you want to go explore.

Did you see that? Thar was almost an old school proper review of an album there, like we once did back in the days when Organ was (almost) a serious thing. And yes,  I know that album actually came out in the middle of last year, that doesn’t matter does it, they are playing a London gig at the end of this month, launch gig for a new single so it would seem, 31st January, at the Victoria, Dalston, East London… Actually, news of what UMEZ are doing and where they’re actually playing appears to be as fractured as the music they’re making, several London gigs this month…. maybe…….

There’s another of those Tim Smith benefit fund-raising events happening in London this week, and playing of CARDIACS music at “battle level”, here comes a statement,,,

Shhhhh………A short statement will now spew from the mouthpiece of Foozling Luckman

Tiresome requests for a repeat evening of Cardiacs recordings played at battle level have until recently been largely ignored by Mr. Foozling and Mr. Luckman. For this they make no apology.

However, after a secret meeting somewhere in England, they happened upon original documents from the inaugural ‘For The Benefit Of Mr. Smith’ of January 2012. Seeing what they had created was good, no words were needed and the wheels for another faithful gathering creaked and began to turn.

They are undoubtedly guilty of fidgeting around for a year with the idea that a second sitting to raise more crummy money for Tim was inevitable, and they are and so it is”  All happening this Saturday at the Bull and Gate, London.  More details here,,,


Cardiacs – Jibber and Twitch rehearsal

Cardiacs – Fiery Gun Hand

Cardiacs – Big Ship



DUTCH UNCLES have a new video, to tie in with their new album and UK tour that are both happening now…

Dutch Uncles – “Flexxin” (Official Music Video)



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