ORGAN THING: VOIVOD drop a new album, more UMEZ, a little more LADYSCRAPER and a touch of BUSDRIVER…

ORGAN THING . January 18th –  Never mind no snow, we’ve go the new album from Voivod, more from Umez, and without any need for excuse, more from Ladyscraper and a touch of Busdriver…

VOIVOD – Target Earth

Voivod are about to drop their thirteenth studio album, an album that not only brings back original bass player, Blacky (Jean Yves Thériault), marking his first recordings with the band since 1991’s Angel Rat, but also the first album to feature new guitarist Chewy (Daniel Mongrain).   Voivod as a full group, haven’t really sat down to write and record together since 2003’s self-titled album, question is, after a couple of more recent albums that haven’t quite been up to their usual (very high) standards, and more importantly, the first real album since the sad loss of Denis D’Amour, is this any good or are Voidod a spent force?  No, on the evidence of this, no they most certainly are not spent, indeed we’re rather pleased (and maybe just a little pleasantly surprised) to report that Target Earth is the very satisfying sound of one of the world’s finest bands returning to something near their best form in a Nothingface kind of way.  Word has it new guitarist Chewy cut his teeth playing guitar to the late Piggy’s (Denis D’Amour) riffs, he appears to have matched D’Amour’s style rather impressively – Instantly recognisable as no one other than the mighty Voivod, Target Earth is an album alive with that edgy style, with that galloping forward movement, alive with that distinctive sound that, when they get it right, even after all this time, could ony be Voivod. This is the Canadian four piece sounding just like they should, yes, this is Voivod very much back on challenging form.  Not just Voivod by numbers of course, that would never do, the return might be hitting the spot – that claustrophobic power that encompasses – but there’s more than enough here to make this album a little more that just the Voivod by numbers that frankly, at this point, would’ve quite probably more than done.

         Target Earth is the sound of a band still wanting to challenge themselves, a band still thrashing, still biting, the sound of a heavy band for those who demand it flying at them with just a little bit more thought, with just a bit more left-field imagination, with a sense of real progression and a slightly different set of colours. The rewarding sound of complex musical challenge from a band respected by those who take their composition seriously, by those who need their prog to really be progressive, by those who need their thrash to really cut. Some thirty or so years in, and the Canadian legends are still cranking out vital, edgy, challenging progressive heavy metal, Target Earth is delivered with just the right amount of distinctive complexity; the sound of a band refreshed, and yes, the sound of a vital band back for more, and when they get right, as they have here, there’s very few who do it better.  

The new Voivod album is streamed here in release date of January 22nd

VOIVOD online: or

More UMEZ, mere seconds after that Organ review of their album, 14 Years Old. the London based duo have a brand new single and a video to go with it. The New single is released on 31st Jan 2013..   There’s also some tacks released ob tape label Liminal Noise any moment.  Emplore more via the Umez Facebook page

UMEZ  – Kazega Fuitara Sayonara (Good Bye When The Wind Blows)

and here’s some Umez from late last year

UMEZ – Black Cat

And while we’re busy revisiting things we visited the other day, more LADYSCRAPER and a track called Hooke, from The Death of Mary Poppins, an album release from the ever wholesome Cock Rock Disco label that dates from 2007

This Ladyscraper track can found on an album that is free to download from those good people at Cock Rock Disco:

And for no reason whatsoever, some Busdriver, there never needs to be a reason to park some Busdriver here…

 BUSDRIVER – Kiss Me Back to Life


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