ORGAN THING: New York street artist RAE opens in London, DIE! DIE! DIE! and more exclaiming…

RAE - solo show 'Noturnal Trips'


Thing of whatever cold snowbound day it is today then RAE comes to London, but first, New Zealand’s rather imaginatively energetic DIE! DIE! DIE! are to  have last year’s album, Harmony, released over here on this side of the world on April 1st on Irish label Smalltown America, here comes the bit we just cut and electronically pasted from the press release that just landed here….

“Hailing from New Zealand’s iconic music city, Dunedin, founding Die! Die! Die! members Andrew Wilson and Michael Prain cut their teeth in the live music scene playing in noise bands and going on to form the band in 2003. Die! Die! Die! have always given their all at every show, supporting bands such as Wolf Mother and Franz Ferdiand – the result being a band that brings persistent ferocity and energy to live performances.

Photo: As promised, Monsters from RAE.  A beautiful original on canvas from the upcoming show.


Die! Die! Die! release Harmony’ on April 1st 2013, their fourth studio album recorded at Blackbox Studios, France. This album proves the band continue their evolution to perfect their sound. ‘Harmony’ brings together the raw energy and emotion of their live shows, encapsulating savant pop elements with their DIY punk philosophy. Produced by Chris Townend (Portishead, D12, Violent Femmes), ‘Harmony’ has been well received all over the place. ‘Harmony’ described by Rolling Stone Australia as “…their finest work yet”.

Harmony will be released in the UK on Irish indie Smalltown America (responsible for bringing us And So I Watch You From Afar, LaFaro, Fighting With Wire and Jetplane Landing) and comes resplendent in limited edition ice-white vinyl and dye-cut sleeve on April 1st.

Here the link to the Organ review of Harmony from back in early November last year, and here’s a video


RAE – solo show ‘Nocturnal Trips’

Street artist RAE, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. has been creating a splash or two on home turf over in New York, ‘Nocturnal Trips’ will be RAE’s first show in London. it opens this coming week at Signal (opening night, 24th Jan then running from 25th Jan until 16th Feb///

The artists says:
‘Nocturnal Trips’ means everything and nothing about how art relates to my existence. In a literal sense, it deals with the the “trips” I take to install the work I put up on the streets at night and how the city seems a lot different when your scheming as opposed to getting a latte.

In a more metaphorical sense, “Nocturnal Trips” deals with the thoughts, flashbacks and projections I think about when going in and out of an awake-sleep state in the middle of the night.  The body may be physically resting but the mind continues to work.  I get more work done tossing and turning in my bed, getting up to take a pee or checking my front window for crimes being committed then I do most mid-days. Those nocturnal thoughts, however absurd or realistic they may be, play out as random images, in a non-sensical way, but are usually the most fruitful and translatable to my work.

The private view for the show will take place on the 24th January 6 – 9pm. More from Signal gallery

And that will do for today, time to exclaim some more……The BANG! show at Cultivate, Vyner Street, East London, is drawing to an end….




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