Five things today, not one, not two, a whole handful of things for this 23rd day of the year, five things……..


an announcement from BOB AND ROBERTA SMITH and the ART PARTY about sun, in the snow, seaside treats, does art matter.. . (Cultivate day trip to Scarborough anyone?)

More Organ coverage of Bob And Roberta and more. More exploring the world of Bob and Roberta Smith 

NOB AND ROBERTA SMITH - Make yuor own damn art...

Second thing…

news from Sweden…..

BEYOND PINK are. on their way over, the all girl hardcore speed-punk outfit from Malmo, Sweden, hit the beautiful old school proper pub venue that is Deptford’s gloriously wholesome Birds Nest..The gig is on Wednesday 20th February, there’s a Facebook event page here, sounds like a yeastie way to warm up for the opening night of YEASTIE GIRLS to us…..

Bild av Beyond Pink


…a slice of rather fine eye candy and ear food from HERBERT  Details of electronic music experimentalist Matthew Herbert’s forthcoming box set “Herbert Complete” have just been announced….

“Matthew Herbert – creative polymath par excellence, political animal, manifesto writer, remixer of the great and the very good, record label curator and creative director of The New Radiophonic Workshop. He’s also a musician with a distinguished body of work that spans well over a decade. As such, Accidental Records are proud to present “Herbert Complete”, a comprehensive overview of Matthew Herbert’s works between 1996 and 2006 under his ‘house music’ moniker – Herbert” More Herbert via the Accidental Records website

Fourth thing up….

a CLIPPING album  teaser and such…

Clipping’s debut album drops Feb 5th. We’ve told you about them before, today they’ve revealed a track from the album, as well as dropped a short film showing off how rowdy their live performances get. Here’s what a Deathbomb spokesperson had to say (in American) today –

“Hello Deathbomb Friends!  Couldn’t be more excited to share today’s new with you. Clipping is hands down the most innovative band we’ve had the honor to work with here at Deathbomb. A few months ago we released their first cassette. On Feb 5th, they will drop their debut full length album, simply entitled ‘album.’ This album will be 100% free, and available via their new website at This announcement comes along with some substance though. Clipping have shared both a track from this album, called “Killer”, and a short film documenting just a taste of what their insane live shows are like.

Check out “Killer” via the Clipping soundcloud.

Clipping. album. teaser.

Also, Clipping recently did a track for one of Kyle Mabson’s free online comps. The track for that is called “Hello” and is a bit of a shit-take on a track by Karmin. Grab it here.

In other free music news, two Back To The Future The Ride cassettes are now available for free online. The ‘Mtv’ cassette released on Deathbomb and the ‘Pronoia Sunsets’ cassette released by Accidie. ‘Pronoia Sunsets’ in particular is one of the true gems of the Back To The Future The Ride catalog, has never been available online, free or otherwise, till now. Enjoy!  Love,  Brian & Leroy (Deathbomb)

Fifth thing to share with you….

a sneak preview of things to come in the shape of AGATA CARDOS0′s latest performance piece….

don’t stop me until…

And that should be enough for today? More tomorrow…. maybe…

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