leafhearted_canalThing of the day? I didn’t say I’d put one up every single day did I? No, that’s not part of the deal?  What deal? The deal where I put up a thing everyday and you come back here everyday to see what that thing is, that deal.  Here;s a new YEASAYER video, jot off the press, do videos come hot off the press, anything hot will do right now, or warm, it is freeeeeeeeeeezing today, painting outside is seriously killing my fingers, heated Montana, that;d what we need when exclaiming outside on a cold cold Friday afternoon in East London. Now if was a smartarss, I ‘d stick a Yes video underneath that Yessayer one, then post a Leo Sayer one under that. So what’s the deal with this video Zoe? Zoe just sent it over from Mute, we like Mute, I bet they;re not cold over at Mute, no open doors there on a day like today, bet they’re nice and warm at Mute Records, bet they;re warm in the gallery over the road where they never have their door open and no one ever goes in unless we point out they;re open and it is worth ringing the bell, I bet they;re very warm on their warm leatherettes over at Mute, what;s the deal Zoe?

Yeasayer have premiered “Fragrant World,” another video take from their live Pool Sessions recorded last year in London. The track, “Fragrant World”, was the bonus track released with the deluxe package of Fragrant World  (still available from the band on limited 7”). Fragrant is Yeasayer’s third full length album”

We should add the Yeasayer video was directed by DIRECTED BY IAIN FORSYTH & JANE POLLARD, we’ve featured several of their videos and such on these pages recently…. No our knowledge they’ve never made a Yes video though….

YES – Close to the Edge – live 1972

Dead Kennedys – Short Songs (Live at the Deaf Club, 1979)

No Leo Sayer around here!


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