TJ SAMUELS - Michigan

TJ SAMUELS – Michigan

Some images and photos of recent Free Art Friday outbursts, to whet your appetite..

Free art is going out all over the globe, mostly on a Friday, this week in the snow. Most Fridays things are very informal, now and again things are a little more organised and a formal event comes together

An exclamation....

Some exclaiming in London


Time for another Free Art Friday on our corner of the street, coming up on Friday 15th Feb, we have another of our Free Art days. We’ve been holding them since our art space opened. artists have informally been leaving free art outside, or indeed inside the gallery on most Fridays. Now and again we like to get a little more formal about it and issue an invitation and publicise things a little. This time we’re throwing out the invite a little further than usual, throwing it out to the ever growing international Free Art movement and inviting artists from all over the world to either bring their free art to Cultivate in person or to mail it in for us to put outside (or inside if the weather isn’t good) on the day.

From Midday until 6pm on Friday February 15th, artists are invited to come down to the gallery and leave art outside. People are invited to come along and take part and quite take the art that has been left. The only thing we ask is that people respect this and only take one piece each. Some of the art will be right outside, aaa_interfreeartsome might hidden around the street (if the weather isn’t friendly then you’ll find it inside Cultivate). Any art left when we close at 6pm will be taken in and then left out again over the weekend.

Artists can bring art down to the gallery on the Friday during the event (or on the Thursday before and leave it with us, no art will be put out on the street until Friday afternoon) Artists who don’t live close enough can mail in art to us,

You can just send in art, you can come along and leave it on the day, you can send it in or drop anonymously, no need to apply, submit or anything else before hand/ We will be listing names and adding links ahead of time for those who wished to listed as taking part, contact us if you want to be listed, just turn up on the day if you prefer… The event will be filmed, photographed and documented. For more information and full details please contact

And it may be Free Art Friday, but hey, let’s carry on though the weekend… Come drop art, come pick up art at Cultivate on February 15th…

LINKS FOR PHOTOS –  TJ SAMUELS – Michigan, AGENT : LOVE – Detroit., some exclaiming in London


Photo: hope these are visible. let me know!

TJ SAMUELS – Michigan

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