ORGAN THING OF THE DAY – A third DIAMOND VERSION ep, sun down the street, VYNER STREET, and the whole world window…

I’m Kevin Bacon, centre of the universe, find your perfect weapon of mass destruction, no destruction here, weapons of mass uncertainty. Twenty four hour party people, can’t be beaten so why don’t you join in? Was the deal every day? You don’t have to deal with the consequences, no fun, no fun, no fun, I have not got big hips, loose lips sink ships, how many people were at the murder of Julius Caesar? Five?  No sleep anymore, factory opening, reverse the trend, watch the whole world window, inspired by the soul of motion, the all new Mazda Six, making food go further, just one of the ways Sainsbury’s can help you do more for less, every little helps, transform your world of gaming, join tonight and we’ll give you everything completely free, feel it for real.  Thing of the day then? Yessayer? Yaysayer? Yeassayer? Leo Sayer? Leo the Lion? Leon Trotsky? Whatever happened to all those heroes, for a fifteen percent multicar discount right now at the UK’s number one…. Feel it closing in, feel it closing in day in day out, who gonna pay the rent? As William Morris once said noting useless can be truly beautiful, faster but slower… Right, stop. How long is that going to take? Back in what? Rent? Love will tear us apart again…. Radio, live transmission, dance dance dance… have you never heard of situationism Mr spell checker? Review your matches for free at e.harmony, thanks for all you did, this is where your book should start, the worst of times, like the best of times, you have new followers on Twitter….  Thing of the Day? Why did I never do that? With the success of our gambling potatoes, lemon, so close….



Thing of the day, no time today. things to do down the street, today is a painting outside the gallery out on the street kind of day…

Saturday! Sunshine! no need for a coat! great light! Today down the street, last weekend to catch the excellent Lee Jinhan show at Hada Contemporary, a must see show of paintings called I Eat I Vomit. You’ve also the giant White Cube formality of Wilkinson, such a peaceful place to view art, two shows over two big floors there, you’ve got two floors of work in the Vyner Street gallery complex, a one stop weekend hit and run of a short show alive with the challenge of portraiture, you’ve got the treasure box of painting, drawing prints and

Shoes in the Gallery (Sean Worrall)

Shoes in the Gallery (Sean Worrall)

beautiful handmade (in the gallery) jewelry in House Of Vostrovska and on the corner in the middle of it all, you have the bust artist-led energy of Cultivate. Do believe Cell might be open today at the top of the street as well…. all up and open down sunny Vyner Street, here in East London

No time for a thing today, music heads back on later when the painting light has gone…  light is good…   Today’s thing? The new DIAMOND VERSION release, they have a third EP out, on Mute, on January 28th, this Monday, happy Monday,

“Diamond Version release EP3 on 12” and download on 28 January 2013. Featuring the tracks Turn On Tomorrow, Sense Of Urgency and Turn On Tomorrow (Version), this the latest in a sequence of five 12″ / download EPs released throughout 2012 and 2013″


More of this tomorrow….

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