Monday Monday, what shall we do today? Same as any other day, things…. Thing of the day? There are always things, let’s take a lucky dip in to our packed to bursting inbox     and see how the creative land lies.

That’s another piece of JULIA MADDISON art just there, Julia is one of the artists showing work at the Back In Black show at Cultivate, Vyner Street, that opens this Thursday evening, January 31st, 6pm until 9pm….

Do rather like the warm flow of PAPERCUTZ this morning, their a kind of soothing antidote to the onslaught of DEAD NEADERTHALS and their fractured attack  The Dutch electronic noise makers – are we meant to talk of the new Wave of Heavy Dutch Jazz? – There’s a new album on the way,Polaris, here’s a twelve second taste of things (don’t blink). And here’s their blog, the link up there was for their Facebook, the Dead Neaderthals blog, and here’s their Soundcloud and down there is their 2012 release Jazzhammer./Storrnanngalskap…

DEAD NEANDERTHALS –  Jazzhammer / Stormannsgalskap

PAPERCUTZ are an electronic pop music band who appear to be mostly from Portugal, . they’re lead by Porto’s Bruno Miguel. They feature vocals by New Yorker Melissa Veras, “and other guest musicians”. Paperkutz have an album the way on Sounds of the Playground, here’s a taste via their Soundcloud and here’s a link for you to go explore more should you wish… Paperkutz

And before we get on with things that need ot be done today, here’s today’s DAIQUIRI track of the day…

More tomorrow…. maybe… More, more more

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