Organ Thing of The Day, January 30th, really not much time today, you can’t really expect things everyday can you? You got two yesterday!  Almost time for the BACK IN BLACK show then, here’s a last minute addition to the exhibition  from one of our favourite painters right now, GARETH MORGAN. The 23 person group show opens at Cultivate Vyner Street, Bethnal Green, down the East end of London this coming Thursday night, that’s tomorrow to you ans me (assuming you’re reading yuor daily dose of Organ on the day it goes up and you’re not one of those Johnny-come-lately type catch up with ttomorrow’s electrobnic chip wrappers…). Doors open at 6pm, wear black, enjoy the colour…

meanwhile UMEZ are getting ready to launch their new cassette release this Thursday night, we told you about Umez several times in the last couple of weeks, the gig is at the Victoria, Dalston, East London, this Thursday night (Organ recommended gig on the ever useful LONDON GIGS website) ,  We do like a bit of DIY cassette action, proper old school musical creativity, on the Fatal justice tape label…


Hang on, id that a new DEERHOOF video coming to you from a speaker deep inside?

Hang on, id that a mew ANIMAL COLLECTIVE video.  “Directed by Gaspar Noé featuring Lindsey Wixson and elements from Paul Sharits’ 1968 short film “N:O:T:H:I:N:G”. The video is intended to be viewed in complete darkness from maximum effect”.



Jim O’Rourke has produced the soundtrack to forthcoming documentary on slime mold. You know not all jope is lost when Jim O’Rourke is soundtracking slime mold.


And before we get on with things that need to be done today, here’s today’s DAIQUIRI track of the day (don’t tell The Sweet)…

More tomorrow…. maybe… More, more more,

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