ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Can’s legacy and CYCLOPEAN, the pure delight of KESTON COBBLERS’ CLUB

The non stop business of Things,,,, Can It be done? It was once on broken typewriters and fractured copiers late at night while no one was looking, now it comes at you on reclaimed recycled street computers…. Organ Thing of the Day, February 6th….

KESTON COBBLERS’ CLUB, no need for words today, just enjoy the pure delight of the videos, then go explore their website, for they are rather special and collaboration is always a good thing, They just posted up this new Shoes off Session video, they play Cecil Sharp House, London this coming Thursday 7th Feb, quite a few dates lines up actually, you’ll find them on their website… Here’s the video….

The Ckub say “Thank you to the superb little public house, The Southampton Arms in Kentish Town. With your independent ales, delicious pork baps and superb piano it was the perfect venue for a shoes-off. Thanks also to David Hayes for filming, Eric Lowe for audio and our friends, fans and family for taking part (and learning so many words!)”

For more information or to buy our album, please go to our website or facebook.

“On Saturday the 12th November (2011) 55 strangers from all over the country came together for one day to form the Cobblers’ Orchestra and play two of our songs. There were no prior rehearsals and all music was emailed out to participants one week before the big day. We had one hour to rehearse together before recording. Kick your shoes off, grab a pair of good earphones and enjoy!”


Meanwhile CAN time, and no we don’t mean MY DOG SIGHS…..

CYCLOPEAN is a collaboration from Burnt Friedman, Jono Podmore and Can founding members Jaki Liebezeit, and Irmin Schmidt.

After the release of The Lost Tapes, Can’s legacy has never felt more apparent than now, and Cyclopean brings together two giants from this legendary band, Jaki Liebezeit and Irmin Schmidt alongside long time collaborators Jono Podmore (Kumo / Metamono) and musician and producer Burnt Friedman. Cyclopean is the first time that Friedman, Liebezeit, Podmore and Schmidt have worked together.

Download Fingers (edit) here  more Cyclopean – or

And finally a lost and now broken typewriter has been found in one of London’s lost rivers… This typewriter was one of the many items retrieved from the Ravensbourne/Deptford Creek. We write this on a computer rescued from a skip in Vyner Street,,,,

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