ORGAN THING OF THE DAY – STAER, POINO, BLACK PACKERS, LUPINS, a lamb lying down and some exclaiming!

STAER’s avatarSunday….. have some STAER, they’re from Norway, they headline a show here in London on March 2nd on a bill that’s shaped something like this…. SILVER ROCKET & HORSE ARM PRESENTS: STAER (NO) / POINO / BLACK PACKERS (NO) / LUPINS – here’s the Facebook event page –  the tasty four band bill happens at The Black Heart, 3 Greenland Place, London, NW1. There’s a whole bagload of UK datesfrom Staer  actually, that band link up there will take you to their website and dates and the answer to the meaning of life and a whole lot more. We brought you a taste of London’s POINO yesterday, we’ve been bring you taste of Poino via our pages and airwaves for a couple of years now. Poino have a March UK tour in place as well, details via their link. here it is again, Poino.



And here’s a taste of edgy noise of London’s LUPINS

And some feedback-drenched visual from BLACK PACKERS

And for no reason what so ever, an excellent version of the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, live in Germany in 1978…

Enough for today, got to go exclaim some more, not had time all week!


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