ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Holy Sheeeeeeeit, this may just be too much! CLIPPING vs FOOT VILLAGE!



ORGAN THING OF THE DAY,,,,Holy Sheeeeeeeit, this may  just be too much! Clipping vs Foot Village!!!!!!! What! Here it comes now..

“Keeping it short on this announcement, as we’d like the music to speak for itself as much as possible. clipping. has dropped a remix of Foot Village’s song “This Song Is A Drug Deal”. The remix will appear on a bonus album for Foot Village pre-order customers. Also contributing remixes are No Age, (Charles)Book&Record, and Books on Tape”. Here’s the link



.Find more recent Organ coverage of Foot Village here and here or cut to the chase and hit the band’s own website here. like we’ve already said (several times),  the LA noise makers have a new album ready to go….





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