ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: ROA in CAMBODIA, lost STIK in the snow, a BLIZZARD of metal, SPRING down Vyner Street…

Photo: We teamed up with Belgian artist ROA, who created three unique visuals for our first production. Each of the 3 decks (Decay 1, 2 & 3) are printed at 150 ex. + 15AP on 7 ply Canadian maple and measure 80x20cm. Each of the 3 versions are a limited edition of 125 signed in the deck boards and 25 hand signed decks. The decks are available here of the sale price is donated to Skateistan to help them promote their cause and we ship worldwide for free!ORGAN THING OF THE DAY… March the whatever it may be today? Spring? Snow? Blizzards? Street artists Roa is our “thing” again today, art interacting with lives and firing the possibilities, a little more than art just being a trading commodity for the rich down yer local white cube if you know what I mean….

“Our collaboration with ROA started with a trip to Cambodia, to meet the guys from Skateistan, the NGO we’re supporting, in Phnom Penh. ROA used his time there to paint some of his animals on the school grounds and on abandoned houses in Kep and doing some art with the kids from Skateistan. Watch the video below” so say the SK8room crew

Stik in the snow, Hackney 2010

Stik in the snow, Hackney 2010

That’s the (now lost) Stik on on the Tower in Hackney, just off Mare Street, in 2010, stuck up their in the cold in a previous snow storm. You could see that Stik from all around, made almost everyone smile, complete strangers would stop and talk about it, ask about it, it was on a cold industrial building that had been a squat. It got cleaned off last year when the building fell in to the hands of tet another community-wrecking gentrify jockey, who said it made the place look a mess and that it needed to be cleaned off before they opened their new arts centre in the building – not that we’ve seen any evidence of an art centre or anything; if you look closely up there you can still see the mark where the figure once was…. More Stik here, the man is working with Big Issue magazine, can’t be fun being homeless in this weather, nice work Stik…

Blizzard out there you say, that’s not a blizzard, THIS IS A BLIZZARD!….

Blizzard – Album “Pure Filth and Mayhem”

Originally released back in 2001 and  re-released on CD in 2008 by Evil Spell Records with many bonus tracks should you feel the need to track it down…

Enough of all this snow and such, we;re already in a Spring state of mind here, SPRING is up and running right now at Cultivate, Vyner Street

Come have a look, a room full of green paint, yellow daffodils and the work of some fifteen artists of all shapes and sizes.   We don’t need fancy art centres, we can do it ourselves…come explore and see, everyone is welcome, Cultivate is about getting involved…

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