Tennis cover artTHING OF THE DAY….. PAPAYE are in the country, played lots by us team Organ via the Resonance FM airwaves that flow our of London Bridge, the French three piece have a new album, TENNIS out next month, they;re over here in the UK playing some gigs this week, read  on, here comes  Tennis right now, we don’t need to write words these days . kist look, listen, explore, consume, reject, eat, chew, do what you will…


And here’s the Organ review of their 2011 album on the ever good Africantape label

Papaye la chaleur coverPAPAYE – La Chaleur (Africantape)
Papaye have a cheery, rough-jangly guitar sound, and a great line in riffage. I may be completely wrong, but they don’t sound like they’re huddled over their instruments – they sound like they’re running around having a good time with their ever-changing ideas.

At times they’re very reminiscent of fine Leeds instrumentalists You Slut! (note to bands choosing names: if you don’t want 20,000 dodgy non-music friends on your Facebook site, don’t call yourself You Slut!). The aforementioned Sluts had a similar chunky riffage-based approach to being a changeable bendy rock band, and nobody stroked their chin at their gigs.  Papaye have that clarity, but less metal – they have a breezy, open vibe that tempers their complexity. They got tunes.

pap_typoLa Chaleur is 12 tracks of winding, twisting instrumentals, each one searching for new contrasts and twists of riffage.  They’re a three-piece, and to me it sounds like one kit,and  two guitars exchanging top and bottom duties as they go.  The final track, Mégaplus, is like a string of great bits of melody that drive you crazy trying to remember what they remind you of. Fémur de Femme and opener Gym Tonus have (probably accidental) very early Cardiacs moments, and the whole is studded with little gobbets of Don Caballero and the brisk sweet guitar of Deerhoof.  Perhaps remarkably, Papaye is supposed to be a side project: the three band members have roles in Room204, Pneu and Kommandant Cobra.  Here’s hoping La Chaleur isn’t a one-off.

Some more earcandy in the shape of that album we were just reviewing back there (in 2011)


Some eyefood


For PAPAYE live dares and more, hit that orange link you just passed. Dares? What kind of typo is that? Go to a gig and dare them to do something, the dates you can dare them at include a gig in Leeds with the rather excellent CATTLE and a London show this commming Wednesday 20th at CATCH, KINGLAND ROAD, EAST LONDON, a night that also features THE CESARIANS – and here comes a free download and a video right now..MURDER BARN are also on the bill in London….




And while we;re talking of London gigs and lights out and such, POINO are playing the Macbeth, East London, this coming Tuesday…

More of this gig news over at LONDON GIGS, more of this Organ stuff tomorrow, maybe, Maybe tomorrow

Here’s a free download album from AFRICANTAPE full of PAPAYE and a whole lot more…


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