thing of the day, the five play bloc kis lifted, we might bother with spotify again now as long as that damn meerkat advert is running ever fivbe minutes?

Chicago artist GREGORY JACOBSON has just posted this new piece of work on line, (Descending Shit Pile #2 oil on linen 24″ x 20″ 2013). Is this man not content enough  to be in one of the finest bands around right now? Lovely Little Girls and paintings like this!

Gregory Jacobsen - "Descending Shit Pile #2"

Gregory Jacobsen – “Descending Shit Pile #2”

LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS have just announced dome US your dates, explore more via their label (one of our favourites)  SKIN GRAFT Records Here;s the dates  – Lovely Little Girls Eastwardly Tour!  4.24 – Pittsburgh @ Howlers w/ Night Vapor, 4.25 – Brooklyn @ Death By Audio w/ Child Abuse, Cellular Chaos, 4.26 – Philadelphia @ Highwire Gallery w/ George Korein & The Spleen, Lion’s Head, 4.27 – Providence @ Machines W/ Magnets w/TBA, 4.28 – New York @ Cake Shop w/ Infantephant, bbigpigg


Meanwhile the Lush Exhibition, (with Rort) at Backwoods Gallery, Collingwood, deepest Australia, lasted fot just one night, this is why (as reported on Vandalog)

We won’t ask why those canvases were blank, we;ll just enjoy the destruction down under

TONY TROWBRIDGE is not dead yet….

And finally a touch of PINK NARCISUS from the English south coast

“Hear ‘Blood on the Page’ in it’s entirety here and pick up the physical CD at our launch on April 9th at The Blind Tiger, Brighton. See you there”.

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